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Ryan wrote:
I remember being told that whatever you do in the final 10 days can do more harm than good. The idea is that it takes about 10-14 days for any fitness benefits gained from a workout to really set in and offset the fatigue and recovery aspects of the workout. What this means is that your last truly hard workout should be no less than 10 days out from your big goal race and any workouts after that should mainly serve the purpose of retaining fitness and keeping your legs loose and ready to run hard.

So how does this translate to running AL’s Run 8 days before Lakefront? I would think b/c it’s a shorter race vs. the marathon distance, that it should be no problem. My taper for Lakefront will start after Tuesday’s workout (11 days out), and the 8K race is the only thing fast or hard I’ll be doing after that, other than a shorter MP workout the following Tuesday.

Ryan wrote:
The taper should be one of the easiest aspects of training but it seems like one of the hardest to get right. It’s all about finding your personal balance between doing too little and feeling flat on race day and doing too much and not being as well rested as you can on race day. It’s hard to give specific advice for the taper because we all need something different. In general, though, some sharpening is a good idea along with easy days and workouts at the same paces you have been running but with reduced volume.

Last time I entered the taper with about 10 days of little or no running due to a tendonitis flare-up, and I think it kept me fresh and prevented being overworked. This time around, I’m doing my last long run 2 weeks out vs. 5 weeks out, so I think the reduced mileage and intensity will do me some good in my shorter (1.5 week) taper.

Never really tapered for a 10K before. I just don’t race enough.

Good luck Tomo! Let us know how it goes…