Re: TWTW….



S- 7.3 easy

M- 6.4

T- 8.0 nice and strong

W-5.7 wicked hard (5 miles in 31:19)

R- 6.7 recovery run, windy

F- 6.2

S- 8.4 nice and easy

Total: 48.7 Miles @ average 7:30 pace. Of this, about 60% of the miles were run within 10 seconds either side of 7:30 per mile pace, 15% was run faster (at least 30 seconds per mile) and 25% slower (7:50 or slower).

For me, this is a good ratio. It’s especially important b/c I have run 22 of the last 23 days, and I believe that it’s more important to have a quality good run or even 2 in a row like Tuesday and Wednesday’s workouts were, that is then followed up by a nice recovery run, which I accomplished on Thursday. And after yesterday, where I ran 6 quickish miles in 6:51 pace, I was a bit more pedestrian this morning with my workout – 6.4 miles in 7:30 pace.

I bring this up b/c I want to make a point to Ed. I can’t be too hard on Ed, b/c 8 years ago, I was running very similar workouts to what you’re doing now, where I’d run hard 2,3 even 4 days a week and not really focus on recovery runs. But Ed, you have to realize, of the 65 miles that you ran in the past 8 days, 52 were at a 7:30 mile pace or better. That’s 80% of your total miles. With my week, by comparison, I ran about 10% of my miles at a pace quicker than my MP (currently modest at 7:15).

For you, this is way too many miles at too fast a pace. For anyone, running that % of miles at or faster than their realistic marathon pace is not in their best interests. You might run a spectacular 10K on the 23rd (I predict you have a good chance to break 40 min), but in the long term, you’re much more apt to break down and sustain an injury. Look at your Sunday workout for evidence.

Again, I’m guessing your coach would not approve you running this many miles this fast. Maybe you have improved greatly, but it seems like to me you are running to many ‘races’ in your workouts that would be better saved for the actual race days. I wish you well!