Re: ultra training



Get crackin Cameron. I was out with Kirschbaum and Kooch today. Had to alter this week though because of court yesterday, not leaving time for a back to back long. To quote DD though, Champions adjust. So after 20 on the trails Wed I did 4X1 mile repeats of 6:30 pace on a t-mill Thu with 3 min recovery times, for a total of eight. Grabbed another 21 miles on the trails in the cold this morning. We worked the green loops in 47min to 45 min and some change. Extra mile on the begiining for Kooch and I waiting for Jim. Mileage is ramping up,, 55, 62 and 63 so far this week and I have Sunday to go. Took Tue and will take tomorrow off, probably end up with 73 or so. Next up Jerry, back to back next Thu FRi, 3 hours then 3.5 hours. Next long run after taht, 26 mile Trailbreaker and maybe a couple more. Follow up next day with 15 or so. Get on the train Jerry, come Ice Age, we want you with us and your right there. We are running 9:00 to 9:20 pace out there and feeling good except for blistered feet 😈

Good job on that 25 Jerry. Put on the grinders, PSKI is rising from the fat scrap heap one more time 😯