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Like Rita my week started poorly and steadily improved.

Sun – 20.25 (ate poorly before and had a miserable run)

Mon – off day (just had no energy)

Tues – 10 miles (still didn’t feel any energy, plus it feels like I slightly pulled something in my lower abdomen and groin area)

Wed – 5 miles

Thurs – 12 miles

Fri – 6 miles

Sat – 10 miles

TOTAL – 63.25 miles

I think this is my highest mileage week ever. I’ve been in the low 60s before, so it’s close. Everything after Tuesday’s run was at an easy pace.

I can still fill some pain in my lower abs and groin area; but after I warmup, it’s pretty mild. I’m going to try some marathon pace runs later this week. If all goes well, I’ll continue with my regular schedule next week.