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I’ll just drop my whole week here…

Sun – 7 easy (8:37) on trails. Barely felt my hard track workout from the day before.

Mon – 6.2 easy (8:50 estimated) in neighborhood. Pouring rain… an annoying experience.

Tue – 4 miles. 8 repeats up a steep hill, about 55 seconds each. Was supposed to be a track workout, but majorly screwed up family situation (sister) popped up and my wife had the car. Concentration barely existent.

Wed – 7 mile progression run on trails… out in 28:49 (8:14), back in 26:27 (7:33).

Thu – 7 easy on trails (8:24)

Fri – 7 mile progression run on trails. Out in 29:06 (8:19), back in 25:29 (7:17). Hit the last mile around 7 flat.

Sat – off… first race in 9 months tomorrow!!!

38.2 miles total

I seem to be fully recovered from some mild overtraining (reckless, but learned alot). My body feels the best it has in the last 9 months. Have been spending more time doing strengthening/stretching exercises to eliminate some nagging injuries, and it’s paying off. This 5K is gonna be huge… like 2000 chip-timed runners and I believe 10,000+ total. I’ve never run in a race with more than 300 runners, so it will be interesting.

Nice run Ed, and glad to hear the knee’s holding up. Pizza’s not so bad for us runners… at least that’s what I tell myself as I down 5 14-inchers per week.