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Mon: 6 Easy

Tue: 7 Tempo (a little slow, closer to MP)

Wed: 13 Steady

Thu: 7 Tempo (very slow, cold, heavy winds and rain)

Fri: 6 Easy

Sat: 16 Steady (averaged 7:51, cutback week, felt comfortable)

Sun: 12 Steady (took it easy, no MP run this weekend)

Total: 67

Right on target. 15 Weeks till the race!

In 2 weeks I will add Hill workouts on Tues and Thurs. Not looking forward to that (It means doing workouts on the threadmill).

I’m not doing speedwork yet but I am a little concerned about how sluggish I feel on the tempo runs. Perhaps I need to slow the long runs down a bit. Over the last 5 weeks my long runs have averaged under 7:55. With a planned MP of around 7:35 thats a little too fast.

This week I will make a point of running long closer to 8:15 pace and see if that restores some speed.

It too soon to panic about it; I don’t begin real speed workouts for another 6 weeks.