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Sun – 10.8 miles easy in 1:30 (8:19)

Mon – 7 miles easy in 58:30 (8:21)

Tue – 6 miles including 12 x 400 in 93 w/ 1 min jog rest

Wed – 8.7 miles in 1:05:56 (7:34)

Thu – 6 miles including 2 x 2 mile (13:41, 13:42) w/ 1 min rest

Fri – off

Sat – 7 miles including 5 x 1000 (3:52, 3:58, 3:58, 4:05, 4:17) w/ 3 min rest

45.5 miles total

Saturday’s workout was a disaster. While I’ve gotten 3 colds and developed a cough on and off over the last 3 months, it really seems like something more serious affected me. It was a bit windy on the track, but that doesn’t explain how I could go from averaging 3:55 per kilometer just 2 weeks ago with ease to struggling so bad. It was disturbing… my body felt fine, but my breathing was so labored. I just couldn’t get enough air. This has happened to me before in high school, and I have to say I kinda felt it coming this time. When it happened in high school (and it didn’t go away on its own) I was once diagnosed with bronchitis and another time diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. Using an inhaler helped alot with the asthma, though I only used it as needed (rarely after that XC season). I haven’t run into this problem since then, so I assumed it was gone for good. My body is pretty beaten up anyway and now this happens, so I’m taking 2-3 days off before resuming light training, since overtraining or a need for rest may also be a factor. If this happens 1 more time, I’m off to the doctor.