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Mon: 6

Tue: 7

Wed: 13

Thu: 7

Fri: 6

Sat: 12

Sun: 14

Total: 65

All easy mileage. I plan to maintain a base of 65-70 over the next 7 weeks. Then start race specific training for the Long Island marathon on May 1st.

I had a cold since Wed; it ended in my chest on Sat but I managed to plod through the run (about 30-45 sec/mile slower than usual).

Ed, you should try running with a cold; I have never regretted doing it. I always get home feeling better than before I left. Thats not to say I don’t hate the 1st few miles of the run; usually spend that time debating if I should turn for home and go back to bed. But after the 1st 20 minutes or so I begin to feel better, both mentally and physically, that I got out the door.

I think an aerobic workout helps to clear the lungs (as an asmatic I often have colds that effect my breathing).