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Very impressive totals this week! My personal totals are less impressive. Good news is my quads finally recovered from the Marathon. I ran 10 at around 6:10 pace yesterday and felt good. Need to figure out what to target next. I’m thinking of the Litchfield Hills Road Race which is a 7 mile race in CT on June 12th. Also thinking about the Midland 15k in Mid May which is a big race in NJ.

Randy, best wishes for your upcoming race. You’re prepared! Time to cash in.

4/18/2005 Monday BOSTON MARATHON 26.2

4/19/2005 Tuesday DNR –

4/20/2005 Wednesday DNR –

4/21/2005 Thursday DNR –

4/22/2005 Friday Easy in CP 6.5

4/23/2005 Saturday DNR –

4/24/2005 Sunday 10 at MP around Giralda Loop 10.0

Total Weekly Mileage 42.7

Total Monthly Milage 187.7

YTD Mileage 1,121.5