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Mon: 10 miles mostly on trails…lots of serious uphills and descents..8:10 pace

Tues: AM: 8.2 miles easy with 5×100 strides, 7:28 pace

PM: strength training

Weds: 5 miles easy, 7:08 pace

Thurs: day off due to wisdom teeth extraction..slept/rested for most of the day

Fri: was recovered and fresh enough to do 6.7 miles easy (7:26 pace)

Sat: 16.2 miles, 7:34 pace…felt quite weak (elevated HR) due to the inadequate and liquidy diet since the extraction…struggled through the last few miles, miraculously intact…

Sun: scheduled rest day

Total: 46 miles (planned 60)

Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal diet again by Sunday or Monday..65 scheduled next week…