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Ran 78 for the week which is pretty much consistent with the plan which called for 82. Started some VO2 work on Tuesday with 6 x 2 minutes hard with 90 second recoveries. Ran some MP/LT pace on Wedn and Friday. Had planned to run a 20k race on Sunday but bagged it due to some niggles I’ve been dealing with this week. My PF is hurting pretty good and I have a twinge in my groin. I have a history of groin injuries so I thought I better play it safe. Had a strong long run yesterday of 18+ including 16 at or close to MP.

Week 12 – 6 to go – 3rd Mesocycle

Monday Easy in snow from office to Central Park w/ Joe 8.0

Tuesday VO2 – 6 x 2 minutes with 90 second recovery 8.2

Wednesday AM 10 in CP, PM 7 in CP with 1 at MP and 2 at LT 17.0

Thursday Easy in CP 8.2

Friday Easu in CP picked it up for a few 9.8

Saturday AM Easy on Traction 7.8

Sunday Moderate traction, giralda, into chatham, featherbed, james, home then back to convent to pick up erins car 18.5

Total Weekly Mileage 77.5

Total Monthly Milage 77.5

YTD Mileage 705.1