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You have to be insane to be an “average” guy with such a lofty goal. It takes that insanity, as well as incredible willpower and determination, to reach that goal.

As for Woody’s comments, I’d say you don’t really need to be a low-14 or 30-flat runner to run a 2:22 or faster. Actually, if I punch 2:22 into the race conversion calculator ( ) I get 14:48 and 30:51. I think someone who is very strong in the longer distances could run a sub-2:22 without getting too far under 32 and without ever getting under 15. If I remember correctly, Miles and Miles has never broken 15 in the 5k but he will be in Birmingham. All of this said, I do agree with Woody about developing in the shorter distances first. Take a look at the elites. How many of them went to the marathon before becoming very good on the track first?

OK, now to your question. I think a good hard run once a month isn’t a bad idea but I’d actually make it a race when possible. Look for races of 10-25k and give it a go in them.

I hope to see you in 2012. 🙂