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Ryan wrote:
Somewhere along the line, I picked up the term “start line champions” for these people.

Same here, only my teammates and I coined the term “flunkies.” These are the kids who during cross-country races sprint the first 100 meters across a big field and then die. I mean, I can understand pre-race adrenaline and such, but doing that is just plain stupid! The race is 5k, not 100 meters.

Ryan wrote:
The worst part of this whole situation is that it stretches out the amount of time you have to deal with traffic and delays the point at which you can actually find your real competition and focus on racing.

That is also very true….although I was not in the lead pack during cross-country races, fighting with the second or third group and hunting down jerseys of certain colors was delayed until you passed the flunkies. Sometimes you’d hit the mile mark and say “uh oh I gotta get moving!” Usually all the flunkies have been passed by that point though, and you can get into your rythm and race.

As someone who is not at the front of the pack, but back in the second/third group (say top 30 in a race of 300 kids)…..that’s my two cents. I can’t imagine how the leaders must feel while passing flunkies. 😉