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There are a few features on your site that I don’t use, but I’ll give my opinions on those that I do utilize.

Revamp the forums: I like the current software. It’s easy to use, and the quote option and format makes it easy to follow the thread. I also like the preview/edit screen.

Modify the forums: I like the idea of adding PRs and running profiles to the member’s profile.

Remove the Links section: I rarely use the Links section; however, the one section that I do use and enjoy having available is the Race Calendar section. As a member of the military, I travel occasionally, and I’m subject to transfer on a regular basis. It is easy for me to have a single source to find races in other parts of the country. While I could probably find this information when it’s needed, it’s convenient to have it listed at one location.

Focus more on articles / Revive the newsletter: I enjoy the articles, and I liked receiving the newsletter. Because of the legal requirements on e-mailing the newsletter, a thought would be to just post the newsletter online and mention it in the Forums. That will allow anybody interested a chance to read the newsletter, and we could discuss the newsletter articles by posting a reply to your Forum post.

I would enjoy an article on hill running/training. I see that a few people have posted on the forum that they do their hill repeats on the treadmill, which seems to me that it will help in running uphill but won’t help with any downhill running, which can really beat up the legs during a race. Also, I’m running a flat half marathon at the end of February, and I’m seriously considering skipping hill repeats and doing intervals instead. To make up for the lack of hill repeats, I’ll make sure I include some hill running in my long and mid-long training runs.

Formatting: Personally, I think the formatting is fine. The regular visitors know where to find what they’re looking for, and it’s easy for newcomers to find what they want. In my opinion your time would be better spent working on getting the content to where you want it.