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I am posting for 2 reasons:

1. just to chime in

2. to fight the stigma of a “lurker” 😀

99% of the time I run witout music, but every now and then I’ll take my iPod along, ususally if I am forced to hit the treadmill. It changes things up a bit, and it makes me hammer! btw…iPod may be the coolest invention ever.

as for the GPS comment…thats just weird, get a life, venture outside the bubble.

I recently got a HRM for my wife, I wear it once in a while and I am surprised by how SLOW I actually have to go on easy days if I go according to HR, and, trust me, I have no problem with runing easy on easy days. I debate HRM’s with my buddies all the time (who are mainly Tri-Geeks now) and they swear by them.It’s kind of a preference thing. I used to be as aganst then as you are, Ryan, but I am starting to see some logic in them, I could rant about the pros and cons of them, but I have classes to teach right now! man, why does work always have to get in the way.

good day, all.

Ryan… headed to WW for Nats this weekend? I’ll be there with some of the old LAX boys. (possible Altergott sighting!)