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Wow, so many interesting stories. Not only is this giving me insight into what brought us where we did in our running but also in how we got started running and much more about who we are and who we have been in the past as runners. Very interesting to see.

Karen, welcome to the forum and I’m glad to see that you like it. It’s always great to see a member with such wide ranging experience.

RandyS wrote:
Will it be enough to reach the next goal? I don’t know but I will love every mile of the journey (as a bonus I may live to see my children grow up).

Randy, what a great statement. That, after all, is what it is all about. If you love what you are doing, while of course you want to reach your goals, it doesn’t really matter whether you do or not. What matters is that you can look back on what you did and say you truly enjoyed the ride, no matter where it took you.