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so, this new system pretty much says……ok if you have a ton of schools, that means they MUST be good then. Therefore, assuming you are good due to the sheer number of you, we will let more of you into the meet. As for the midwest, nevermind that you are the POWER in D3 cross, there just aren’t enugh teams to get you more spots. 4 teams in the top 10, not good enough.

What was wrong with the old way? The better your regions teams did at NATS, the more or less teams you got the next year. With 3 WIAC teams in the top 6….yes….let another one in, and they will probably be top 10-12. Forget the Frostburg states who make it every year and get last. Why would you want the team that finished 2nd to them in there anyway?

Man, what a crock.Unfortunately, we won’t see the best teams at the meet. I mean, we still will up front, but not in the 10-15 spots.