Re: wider view of training



very good article (on Q vs Q)… then I read the news article on Kipruto… “That is when he first became familiar with a proper training system, training three times a day”… obviously these are professionals… they don’t have to sit in an office 40 hours a week, shop, cook, clean, do laundry, drive the kids around, etc.

I think the Q vs Q arguement is kinda like the chicken and the egg, you have to have some quantity in order to judge quality… with those truly gifted individuals we call the elite they seem to have both…

the best we mortals (who have to do lots of other things every day) can hope for is the balance of Q&Q that keeps us not only injury free but improving… I continue to find that it is not only different for every person but different for each of us every year… and almost as important, and sort of understood in the idea of quantity, is consistancy

my question is(and this is rhetorical), if you are not at 100% effort does that make it less quality? would that mean we should stop doing warmups & cool downs? obviously not.. I think the answer is to know WHAT the goal is for each run… I like the motto “plan the work and work the plan”