Re: wimp



I’m a wimp when it comes to rain… I mean I have run in the rain and raced in the rain… but I’d rather not… I don’t care about my shoes but I have gotten some nasty blisters from wet shoes & socks… on the other hand last year the Richmond marathon was overcast and had a heavy mist during my miles 15-21 and it was very refreshing… but my feet stayed relatively dry…

my last half marathon(10-2-04) had a down pour when I was around mile 8 or 9, the worst part was I had left my hat in the car (looked like it was clearing) and the salt got in my eyes from my sweat… the finish line had a HUGE puddle about 300 meters from the finish… most were tip-toe-ing around… heck, I was wet, ran right thru, figured I was done anyway…