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My times did come down fast just like tons of other people.

The Genetic Thing is big to me, Now listen to what I’m saying

I feel there are alot of 32-33 10k guys that could get in the 2:25 range, but after that there needs to be a genetic factor. Not in any way am I saying that you can’t improve with more work or doing it right. But at that 2:22 or 2:20 range you better have the work ethnic and genetics on your side or it ain’t happening. I feel that although Chad ran 31:? he could probably go lower than that if he focused those 8 years just on a 10k. I know with strentgh comes speed through his other training. But I have a feeling he could go lower if he wanted. I’m getting this feedback from 3 sub 2:20 guys.

I made a mistake The guy I toted earlier Dave Walters actually ran the 1988 trials and qualified with 2:19. I stand corrected. When I posed this question to him,

At what point do Genectics kick in? He told me probaly somewhere in the 2:25 range. That doesn’t mean you don’t have good genes at 2:29-2:30 what ever .

He also said that guys like him and Dan Mayer were running consistent 10k road races in sub 30 actually 29:15 was his PR , but were talking consistently racing in the 29-30 range every race. On His high school team he could only run 5:20 his Freshman year. He was 12th man. They all ran the same miles through the next 4 years about the same paces for training, but he kicked all their royal asses in the races. Why? You tell me. The best one of those twelve guys did besides him in a marathon was 2:28 and they were all over 100 mpw. You know the anwser he said. They all worked hard, they all had the desire, it was their obsession , It’s in the genes at that level. Hey you can train hard , put it on the line , do all the right stuff, I’m all for it we need more people to try it. Maybe JCwrs can do it! But if you can’t run 5:00 minute pace for a 10k how are you going to run 5:20-5:25 for a thon, and produce it when you need it on the given day. I don’t see any 33-34 10k guys doing it and it’s not because their not trying.

Once again this is only my opinion, along with 3 sub 2:20 guys.