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    Earlier this week, when I commited myself to run this race, I didn’t know where I was. I had rattled off weeks of 56, 54, 60, 58, 65, 59, and 55 since my last race (40:41 in Feb) and my legs were feeling the effects. Then as the week went along, I slowly started to believe that, maybe, I was ready to run another PR. Then friday came along. Usually the day before a race I do a short jog to shake things out and stretch, but other things would happen instead. First, on my way home from work I was witness to a serious accident that left a motorcyclist critically injured (last I heard he was alive, I’m hoping thats still the case as I type this). So after filling out a witness statement and watching him get carted away, I came home a little startled to say the least. As if that wasn’t enough, I cam home and found out that my cat was having a problem with one of his eyes…after I coaxed hom out from under the bed so I could look at it, off we went to the animal ER (he’s ok, but he needed medicine and eye drops…and giving that to him is fun let me tell you 😡 ). So with all this going on, I got no run, no stretch and to bed late…not a good sign.

    I woke up this morning and didn’t feel that great. I was tired and just felt off, but I’d paid my money so I was going to go see what I could do. A little warm-up jogging didn’t make me any more optimistic, but I toed the line at 8 am for The Aquarium Run 10K in Jenks, OK (first ever running of this event).

    Gun went off and we were away with not much crowding. I felt ok, though I didn’t really think I was moving very well. I did stay very relaxed though and the usual suspects weren’t too far ahead of me. The splits look like this:

    1K: 4:05.39 (Hmmm….thats not too bad)

    2K: 8:04.39 / 3:59.00 (Ok, maybe this won’t be that bad, but we are with the wind)

    3K: 12:04.62 / 4:00.23 (wow)

    4K: 16:06.07 / 4:01.45 (shaking head…this doesn’t hurt as much as it should)

    5K: 20:14.17 / 4:08.10 (a step back here as we turn back into the wind)

    6K: 24:17.25 / 4:03.08 (not bad, still under PR pace)

    7K: 28:26.40 / 4:09.15 (running alone in the wind and I think I lost focus a little…now I’m pissed)

    8K: 32:31.51 / 4:05.11 (better, but I’m now struggling to stay under PR pace)

    9K: 36:33.31 / 4:01.80 (I’ve passed everyone I can see at this point so it looks like I’m kicking alone)

    10K: 40:26 / 3:53!!!

    I didn’t think I had it in me, but I’ll take it…another 15 second PR, first in my age group and 20th overall. Next week: BACK TO WORK!

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