1st long run in a while and I’m tore up!

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    Hey everybody, new to posting here, but I usually read.

    I started a training program back in December for Madison Marathon.  I have four marathons under my belt, and I was looking to really make a big improvement.  Previously I was running about 55 miles/week, and I started the Pftiz 24/70 plan.  Things went great for the first 2 months and I was ahead of schedule and hitting high 60s for mileage. In late January I felt a twinge on the inside of my knee, tried to run through it, and finally broke down in February.  I met with a sports doc and an ortho specialist, got a few different reasons for the pain, but no consensus.  Bottom line, I took 4 full weeks off with only riding on my trainer for exercise.  I started back slowly, going 10m on week 1, then 15, 20, and then 25.  No issues with my knee.  After my 4th week I got the flu and missed another week.  Last week I did nearly 40, including a 16 mile run.

    here's the problem, the 16mile long run left me tore up.  My quads and hip flexors are spent!I still want to do the Madison Marathon, though I realize i'm not in peak form.  I realize an “A” race is out of the question.

    My plan was to do 20 mile long runthis coming weekend, 20 the following weekend, and then move into a 2 week taper.

    Is this reasonable, or should I scrap the whole spring marathon and work towards a fall marathon?

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