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    2004 Yearly Mileage


    Total Miles: 1471.3 miles

    Total Time: 8:04:07:13

    Pace: 8:39


    Total Miles: 43.73 miles

    Total Time: 0:04:32:51

    Pace: 6:43


    Total Miles: 10 miles

    Total Time: 0:00:33:19

    Pace: 3:20

    Not bad on the running miles, although the spreadsheet that i use as a backup has me at 1500.44 miles???

    Have a great 2005 everyone.

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    Jan = 404.1

    Feb = 393.2

    Mar = 216.9

    Apr = 141.1

    May = 187.0

    Jun = 63.3

    Jul = 148.3

    Aug = 300.4

    Sep = 229.6

    Oct = 237.1

    Nov = 272.2

    Dec = 280.9

    Total = 2,874.1

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    1232 miles in 2004. About 10 weeks off due to injury. Hoping to try to get in an injury free year in 2005.

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    Just over 3000 miles with 4 days off. Only 8 days off in the past 2 years.

    Oh, and today is my 3rd aniversary since I started running. Not bad for a 47 year old, former smoker (today is my 4th aniversary since quitting, smoked for 28 years).

    Feel better today than I did at 27!


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    Slow start (50 miles in January), solid from March to June, and inguinal strain affected July and August, with subsequent surgery slowing everything down after that. But with my 1st 40 mile week in about 6 months just completed, I feel good about the upcoming year. Now bring me that horizon!

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    2202 miles new PR [old PR was 1960 miles in 2002]

    – 4 months with new mileage PR’s (Jan, Mar, Apr, Aug)

    – 300 miles in August is a new monthly mileage PR

    finished marathon #12 (Trailbreaker – 3:59) & #13 (Lakefront – 3:09 [BQ #2])

    finished first trail 50M (Ice Age Trail – 9:37)

    new PR in 15K (Kensington Challenge – 59:52) [old PR was 1:01:21]

    rolled logged mile 20,000 on Aug 7th with PSKI and Double on a 20M training run


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    2,734 for the year

    Monthly high was 284

    Milage was pretty consistent except for May. Logged only 64 miles that month due to a minor injury. Other than that it was a good year for me.

    Also logged two PR’s. 2:46 for the marathon and 52:50 for 15k.

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    good year for me…

    1513 miles, actually a bit less than last year, but a PR for every distance I ran, 5K(1 min), 8K(1 min) 10K(1 min), 10 mile(1 min), half marathon(5 min), 20 mile(17) and marathon(22)…

    looking forward to this year, and while I’m not sure I can repeat the improvement I’m actually going to try…sticking with the coaches, they obviously helped a lot…


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    right under 2400 miles. usually around 180-220 per month. way to many days off and general laziness.

    i would like to at least get out there once a this year even if it for 30 minutes.

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    I hope we are all realizing that the mileage is supposed to be a means to an end, not a goal/target in itself.

    I haven’t even added up my mileage. I’d guess it’s somewhere in the 3000 range, outside of 2003 which was a total mess my lowest total in some time. However, both the mileage and more importantly the race times will get back on track in 2005.

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    Ryan wrote:
    I hope we are all realizing that the mileage is supposed to be a means to an end, not a goal/target in itself.

    I disagree ryan…in my opinion, mileage can be a very legitimate goal/target for people who can’t/don’t run PR’s any longer or don’t focus as much on running for performance sake.

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    Jan = 201

    Feb = 214

    Mar = 250

    Apr = 156

    May = 252

    Jun = 267

    Jul = 242

    Aug = 213

    Sep = 146

    Oct = 263

    Nov = 274

    Dec = 276

    Total = 2,754

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    Not as much running as I wanted. Focus for half year on triathlon killed it. I’m impressed with the swimming, though.

    Running: 1,473.8

    Cycling: 915.7

    Swimming: 75,846 yards/43.05 miles

    Bunch of yoga, ab work, lifting mixed in but not really tracked.

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    Run: 942 miles

    Cycle: 2,929 miles

    Swim: 272,300 yds (~155 miles)

    Several hundred hours of martial arts as well.

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    Mileage for the Year

    Jan-Jun: 270 miles

    July-Dec: 1019 miles

    Total: 1289 miles

    I started running in constantly May for the first time since 1999. I had an injury at the end of May (too much speed + no base) so I took a few weeks off in June and then built base mileage the rest of the year. I was over 200 miles for Oct, Nov and Dec. I will likely stay around this level of mileage for the first part of 2005 and build intensity.


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    Ed 1

    Pathetic with laziness and then an injury only about 500 miles. Looking to beat that by an additional 1,500 miles in 2005.

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    January 285.4

    February 154.0

    March 275.8

    April 260.0

    May 183.8

    June 174.5

    July 278.0

    August 336.5

    September 190.1

    October 188.5

    November 141.4

    December 94.4

    Total 2562.4

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    1400 miles. About 950 of them in July-December. Looking to add 1000 in 2005.

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    Ryan wrote:
    I hope we are all realizing that the mileage is supposed to be a means to an end, not a goal/target in itself.

    It is for the most part for me, but I still like to see how I did compared to the previous year. I don’t think I will ever get up over 2K miles due to the hot Spring, Summer and Fall down here. It makes it to hard to get the necessary miles in.

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    Previous high was 2003, 2227

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