2004 USTCA athletes and coaches of the year

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    — Athletes —

    Great Lakes : Dan Taylor, Ohio State (men) and Briana Shook, Toledo (women)

    Mid-Atlantic : Brian Chaput, Pennsylvania (men) and Connie Moore, Penn State


    Midwest : Carl Myerscough, Nebraska (men) and Becky Breisch, Nebraska


    Mountain : Dathan Ritzenhein, Colorado (men) and Loree Smith, Colorado State


    Northeast : Mustafa Abdur-Rahim, Dartmouth (men) and Kim Smith, Providence


    South : Maurice Smith, Auburn (men) and Hyleas Fountain, Georgia (women)

    Southeast : Tony Allmond, South Carolina (men) and Lashinda Demus, South

    Carolina (women)

    South Central : Alistair Cragg, Arkansas (men) and Veronica Campbell,

    Arkansas (women)

    West : Dan Ames, UCLA (men) and Sheena Johnson, UCLA (women)

    — Coaches —

    Great Lakes : Wendel McRaven, Kent State (men) and Karen Lutzke, Central

    Michigan (women)

    Mid-Atlantic : Michael Mulqueen, Rutgers (men) and Alonzo Webb, Pittsburgh


    Midwest : Gary Peppin, Nebraska (men) and Steve Rainbolt, Wichita State


    Mountain : Mark Robison, BYU (men) and Craig Poole, BYU (women)

    Northeast : John Copeland, Rhode Island (men) and Robert Johnson, Brown


    South : Mike Holloway, Florida (men) and Amy Deem, Miami (women)

    Southeast : Bob Pollock, Clemson (men) and John Weaver, Appalachian State


    South Central : John McDonnell, Arkansas (men) and Beverly Kearney, Texas


    West : Art Venegas, UCLA (men) and Jeanette Bolden, UCLA (women)

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