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    Anyone doing the Disney World Marathon, Half,or Goofy? I will be doing the Goofy again in 2 weeks. If anyone is or is just interested in the races, you should visit http://www.DisneyRunning.com for tons of reports and photos from the last 10 years.

    See you soon,


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    there's a guy where i work who's doing the “goofy”.  i've seen the medals from the event…huge!  good luck & post a race report!

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    Nevermind… was going to say something that didn't fit.

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    Saw the entry fees at another forum. If I feel like running a half, I'll stick with South Shore in Milwaukee and save over $85. $95 for a half marathon is outrageous.

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    it's $190 for the “goofy”…which is the half and the full on successive days.

    you actually get 3 medals…a donald for the half, a mickey for the full and the goofy for doing both.

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    I think that if I were going to put out the money for travel and lodging, I wouldn't have a problem paying the $190.

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    Considering what I know (second-hand) about this event, I would go nowhere near it – even if any entry fee were waived – and could not in good conscience recommend it to any competitive runner with performance aims.

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    According to the report I saw, fees this year were increased to $95, $105, and $225. You actually have to pay a $25 premium to run both. What a rip-off. I'll still save my $85+ in entry fee, along with airfare and hotel fees, and stick with South Shore if I want to do a half this spring and there's no way I'm wasting my time and money on a “goofy”. I've done that and more in training, I don't need a finisher's medal to prove I can cover 39.3 miles in a weekend.

    It seems obvious based on reports I've heard, along with the fact that they are pushing this “Goofy” where you pay an extra $25 just to get a third finisher's medal, that they are not aiming at competitive or performance minded runners.

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    along with the fact that they are pushing this “Goofy” where you pay an extra $25 just to get a third finisher's medal, that they are not aiming at competitive or performance minded runners.

    this is Disney we're talking about, the magic kingdom… they are all about illusions & making money… and I think most “competitive or performance minded runners” should realize this… on the other hand some people have families and use 'events' like this to include their families in their 'sport' in a way that can benefit both… while I have no interest in this I know two runners who tried it last year, one walked the half with is wife (her first event of more than 10K that she thought might be fun to walk together) and the other wanted to try an ultra and thought it might be “easier” to try it this way… both took their kids and had a good time, both said they wouldn't do it again but not because they had a bad time, more because they like to try different events… both are competitive at other races, and from their personal reports their families had fun too… the wife who walked is now training to run her next half as she thought it was too wimpy to just walk…


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    Well, I'm not saying that nobody should do it, just seconding GTF's point that it's not an event for competitive runners while stating that I'll avoid this typical Disney event: another overhyped, overpriced feel-good event.

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    I'd just like to point out, for no apparent reason, that this dude spammed multiple running boards with this today. ::)

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    Yes, quite the mouse wizz-flavored kool-aid guzzling shill.  8)

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