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    his morning i passed a personal milestone with 24,902 miles on my running “odometer”.  the distance is said to be the distance around the world at the equator.

    i've been surfing hillrunner.com for at least the past 5/6 years and have been motivated/encouraged by many of the folks in the Forums.  my thanks to all current (and past) Forum posters.

    now…on to lap number 2!

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    How many years did that take?  5 years would be 100/week for 5 straight years with no time off.

    Bigtime number!

    (Please don't tell me you did it in that amount of time.)

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    i started logging miles in 1990 so 17 years and 3 months.  (i was finishing up high school)

    there's a few years in college where i didn't bother logging miles…didn't feel like it i guess.

    the most i've run in a calendar year is only 2,200 miles…so it has taken me some time to get this far.

    i would like to see 50,000 on the odometer before my 50th birthday…which is a little over 15 years from now.

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    We'll be expecting the next 24,902 in under a decade Jerry. 😉

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    That is a big time number!  Judging by your recent performances, I'd say your just hitting you stride (pun intended).  I'm with Ryan, I want to see 50,000 before the children are out of high school. ;D

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