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    Geb's recent WR effort got me thinking……. imagine you show up for a workout and your coach says “OK team we're going to do 400's today.  Need you to do them at 71 seconds.  Thing is, you get no rest, and we're going to do them for about 2 hours and 4 minutes.  Ready, go!”

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    Which would be a time trial and obviously an impossible task to hold that effort for that duration, so not the smartest workout. 

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    Obviously, no coach is going to have someone do that workout. However, just think how challenging 400 meter repeats at 71 seconds is. Then, imagine doing 95+ repeats. Then, imagine doing it that many times with no recoveries. Mind boggling. I guess that's why it's the world record and I'm very far from any world record.

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    Yes, of course.  The hypothetical is just Rawsonesque.  8)

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