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    Ok for me this week, my tempo run on Friday sucked, I have to blame the heat, but all other runs were good, I felt especially strong for todays 19 😀

    Mon— rest

    Tue—6 easy


    Thu— rest (but I walked at least a couple of miles around NY with my wife)

    Fri—12 w/6 @6;45 👿

    Sat— 6 easy

    Sun— 19

    Total — 55

    Next week is a much needed down week for me.


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    M = 5.5

    T = 11.2 w/ 5 x 1200m (4:03,01,06,04,13)

    W = 11

    R = OFF

    F = 6.2 w/ 6 x 100m strides

    S = 9.3 w/ 5k TT 19:16

    S = 13.6 trails

    T = 56.8

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 6 Miles a.m. / 4 Miles p.m.

    Wednesday: 9 Miles Vo2Max 5x600m

    Thursday: 5 Miles

    Friday: OFF

    Saturday: 17 Miles [half marathon 1:52:15 / 1 mile warm up / 3 mile cool down]

    Sunday: 15 Miles

    Week 10 Pfitz 18/70 schedule. 56 [week] 1206 [year]

    Like Dave, I had a race this weekend. Since I wasn’t able to complete my MP workout last week I decided to do it again in the race – 1×10 [email protected] and then see what I had left the last 5k. Well, that was the “plan”. It didn’t exactly go that direction. The day dawned clear, hot and humid as opposed to the forecasted rain. It was 82 when I finished and 95% humidity with little cover. I started slow enough but the rolling course was taking more out of me than I remembered last year. Of course, then I was using the Pfitz half schedule, running a lot less miles and doing Vo2Max hill repeats. This year I’ve just been working on my base and chronically tired from running a lot more miles. My last race didn’t go very well. Today I went through patches where the pace felt fine but I had no strength to carry that pace. The pace today wasn’t “race pace” effort but it wasn’t “MP” either. I ran 9 minutes faster at last year’s race and 8 minutes faster this April. It was just a bad day. Surprizingly, didn’t feel sore this morning and had a pretty good run.

    This was a “recovery week” for me. Next week is a 1st – a 70 mile week!

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    Mon: 8 easy

    Tue: 8 hills (16x400m/2 min rcv)

    Wed: 22 long

    Thu: 8 hills (16x400m/2 min rcv)

    Fri: 16 easy

    Sat: 13 steady

    Sun: 8 easy

    Total: 83

    I took advantage of slightly cooler weather to do the long run early. My average pace of 7:48 is equal to my marathon pace from the May 1st race. I felt stong after 22 miles and could easily have gone another 4.2 miles.

    Plus the average pace isn’t the whole story. I started the run very slow (8:00-8:30) and ran the last 12 miles at 7:00-7:40 pace (my planned mp is 7:3x). With only 1 quick stop for water at mile 13 the only ‘discomfort’ I felt was thirst near the end.

    With 8 weeks to go (plus race week) I plan to begin speed workouts now. My focus will be on long intervals and long tempo runs. Plus more mp mileage, especially on long workouts.

    I think 1600m intervals and 6 mile tempo workouts will kick things off for the next couple of weeks. Last weeks 22 has boosted my confidence in going sub 3:20.


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    S – 10

    M – 8

    T – 4.8

    W – off

    R 11, w/ 9 @ MP (6:47)

    F – 8.2 easy

    S – 10 @ 7:19 pace

    Total = 52 miles

    Tuesday was supposed to be a strength workout of 3×2 miles @ LT pace, but I felt very lethargic and just ran easy. By Thursday I felt better, and had a really good workout. Saturday was cut short from 16 miles due to a) heat and b) storms 👿

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    had a good week…

    M-6 easy

    T-12.5 – track…including 2400 TH, 3 x 1200 AC

    W-6 easy

    Th-7.5 including hill repeats





    most I’ve ever done

    then Sunday I went into DC and walked around the Museum of the American Indian for 4 hours, impressive place…


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    Nice job people!

    M-20 mile bike ride

    T-10 miles

    W-9 miles w/6x600m

    Th-6 miles

    F-11 miles

    S-8 miles w/strides

    S-15 miles

    59 miles for the week. Everything is feeling good. The cooler weather made yesterday’s run a joy, could have kept going but I’ll save that for next week when I bump up the mileage.

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    8/13 7.2 miles

    8/14 6.2

    8/15 3.2 hills

    8/16 6.2

    8/17 rest day

    8/18 off 26th anniversary

    8/19 off too much work not enough time

    8/20 14 mile hike (we hiked from 6500’ elevation to 9500’ elevation, very steep for the last mile. On the way back we ran the last 2 miles with our packs, mostly down hill put it felt great)

    If everything goes as planned I should be back to about 40 miles this week.

    Goal race 7 weeks away.

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    Last week was a cutback week for me.

    Sun – 5 miles (in San Diego)

    Mon – 15 miles (in San Diego)

    Tue – off (travel day)

    Wed – off (just didn’t feel well)

    Thur – 5 at lunch and 10 in p.m. (7 at goal MP)

    Fri – 5 miles

    Sat – 6 miles

    Total: 46 miles

    Except for the run Thursday afternoon, all runs were at an easy pace. I started this week with a 20 on Sunday evening.


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    S-10 miles steady


    T-11 miles (AM-4, PM-2up, 3 miles speedwork / recov, 2 down)

    W-5 miles easy

    R-6 miles very easy with 4 x strides

    F-4 miles with 4 x strides

    S-10.5 miles (2 up, 5K race….horrible, 5.5 down)

    46.5 miles….tapering

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    Chris wrote:
    5K race….horrible

    Were you at Guidant, wearing something with “Somerset” written on it? I may have been lined up right behind you.

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    Zeke, both myself and training partner ran yes. Both of us ran absolutely horribly. He was 3rd, I was second. We have Treadmill Sports, Somerset, WI on the back of our Jerseys….and front of shorts. Must be something in that metro air!

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    I thought that might be you, but I wasn’t sure. We may have shook hands after the race (or it could have been your training partner). Do you have earrings?

    Have you seen the 5k results posted anywhere? I’m not even sure if they kept results. I think I was 5th, but I’m not sure.

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    Zeke, you shook hands with Joe, he’s my training partner. I think he ran 18:18. He is a bigger guy for a distance runner. Strong guy…but cut. Joe has turned himself from a 18:30 at best 5K runner to a 17:40 5Ker just this summer. I think Saturday was the first time he’s run over 18 since Brian Kraft where he ran 18:00. He has earrings yes.

    There are no results….that I know of.

    I know these results.

    1st: 15:50

    2nd: 16:48…doh


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    Yeah, I thought he was rather muscular. Sounds like he’s having a great season though. Speaking of “doh” the first gal passed me near the end and I had no response. She ran about 18:45 and I was 18:48. I wouldn’t be too concerned about your time – it’s tough running a solo effort like that.

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    54 miles, had a good week. Felt strong on Tuesday, 5:40 pace felt easier than it normally does. I’m training for an 18 mile race in mid October. I will try to run 6’s. Ran 10 miles on Saturday at that pace and it went ok. Sunday my 5 yo son rode his new bike along side me which was a lot of fun.

    8/15/2005 Monday out in 28, back in 27 8.5

    8/16/2005 Tuesday moderate 10 on east side, 1 on track in 5:40, last 4 sub 6 10.0

    8/17/2005 Wednesday DNR –

    8/18/2005 Thursday Easy in brooklyn 8.5

    8/19/2005 Friday Easy on westside, LT for 2 miles 8.5

    8/20/2005 Saturday Giralda Loop at LBI pace 10.0

    8/21/2005 Sunday Loanaka – half with Camy on his bike 8.5

    Total Weekly Mileage 54.0

    Total Monthly Milage 145.5

    YTD Mileage 2,559.5

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