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      First, I'm fed up with spam. If you want to email me, even if you find my email address somewhere on the site or you can guess it, it's far better to use the contact form. I'm getting very aggressive with spam filters so I may not see anything that doesn't come through there.

      Second, things have been hectic recently but I am going to try to get some coding done in May. I'd be interested in everyone's take on what I should prioritize. I'll take all input into consideration, though I'll be the final decision maker. A few things I have on that never ending queue:

      Training Log
      – Implement update workout logic.
      – Check feasibility of importing workouts from Garmin Connect.
      – Check feasibility of allowing mass imports via comma delimited files or some similar structure.

      – Navigation.
      – Expand the RSS system.
      – Add email notifications.
      – Improve blogger profile pages, create an appealing entry point into your personal blogging space.

      – Changes to homepage, focusing on updates to blogs and forums.
      – Streamline the site? Retire a few sections that don't get heavily used?
      – Give the News section some attention.

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      Note: My first point may not have been clear. I love getting legitimate emails from legitimate people, which is why I offer the contact form and ensure it bypasses my spam filters. I hate getting robospam and I'm getting so frustrated with it I'm very aggressively filtering it, to the point I never even see the large majority of emails that get sent to me. I'm quite confident that virtually 100% of what I never see is spam but, if you don't use the contact form, I can't guarantee with 100% certainty that your message will not get caught by my increasingly aggressive spam filters.

      Again, I want to hear from you! That's why I'm stating this publicly. Please use the contact form so we can make sure I do get your message when you send it.

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