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    OK, heres the deal. I’m trying to run 50+ miles per week for the next 4 weeks. Up to this point my all-time weekly high was 50 miles so it is going to be a challenge for me. My plan is to do this and then cut back for a week and race and see where I am. This is the 2nd week and my first week was a succesful 51 on 6 runs. This week I had to take Tuesday off due to an extra long workday (unexpectedly so). I had done 8 on Monday so when I came back Wednesday I felt like I needed to make up some ground. I did 11 miles in around 93:30 (I wasn’t really worried about pace, but I was on the treadmill as always so I know the time). At the end of my runs I take my heart rate on the treadmill just as an indicator. Its usually about where I expect it to be based on how hard the run was and this time was no exception…it was about 162. Now, today I wasn’t sure how I would feel because 11 is still a pretty long haul for me and I’d never done double digits back to back, but when I got on the treadmill I felt GREAT! I did another 11 miles in 89:03 this time and my heart rate at the end was 154!!! I really felt good the whole run and the only thing that stopped me at 11 was my muscles were getting a little sore. My question is…is it possible that I was running to slowly the first day and was inefficient causing it to be more difficult or was this second day just a really good day accounting for my feeling so good? Let me know what you think. Thanks

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    I used to do a lot more on the treadmill when my kids were younger and I couldn’t leave them alone… this winter I’ve jumped on a few times when my days were so busy that I didn’t get to my workout till after dark and I knew the sidewalks and trail would be to dangerous (ice)…

    what I’ve notice this week is that ATTITUDE is everything… after having time off from pulling my back I was so overjoyed to run again even the treadmill felt great… I also did a recovery run inside yesterday here at work on an extended lunch break (knowing I could stay a bit later) and all the people coming in and out of the gym hadn’t seen me in awhile and so it was fun to chat (and not watch the treadmill numbers)…

    so my answer is… could be a good day, could be bio-rhythms, could be what you had to eat, drink, how well you’ve slept… or… attitude…


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    Rita is right, there are many factors that it could be. As an addition, it could be simply a misreading of heart rate and there are many factors other than fatigue level and exercise intensity that can influence heart rate. In general, if you’re feeling good, chalk it up to a good day. If it happens repeatedly, consider it a breakthrough.

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