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    as an adult onset runner I’ve become used to being a ‘back of the pack’ runner… last year I felt as if I was almost to the ‘mid-pack’ range at times…

    Saturday I was lucky enough to pair up with a woman who wanted to do the marathon relay (Shamrock marathon) as a training run before she goes to Boston… she did the first half(1:42), then jogged back (the short way) to total about 18 miles…

    so I jumped into the race after the half and in front of the 3:30 pace group… I stayed out of their way & out of the way of the 3:45 pace group when they came by… our team time was 3:46 and I can tell you it was incredible seeing that time even though I felt like a fake… that’s an HOUR (and two minutes) faster than my best for the full marathon…

    not only do I feel honored to have had such a great partner, told her so, but I am really inspired… almost all the runners who passed me were so encouraging… it was obvious I wasn’t running at their pace.. though the number who passed me really slowed down by mile 25… those who slowed to say more than a few words I felt I had to tell that I was running the half & my partner had been fast… but there was not even one critical remark…

    so later this week I’m calling the coaching team a friend suggested to me last year and making a commitment towards some serious training… I might even buy the finish photo this time (if it has the clock displayed nicely)…


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    Great story. Now you know, with assurance, why so many people are drawn to running and the community surrounding it. Not everyone has to be a top competitive runner to get the fulfillment from it.

    But I think you know that already…


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