A stamp tax to pay for military operations?

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    Don’t think it could happen? Well, it already is and, if Bush has his way, that will not be changing.

    Currently, due to legislation from a few years ago, the Post Office is responsible for paying military pension benefits of Postal retirees. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress want to change this back to the way things are for every other government organization, making the Treasury Department responsible for military pension benefits. The Bush Administration is adamantly stating that they do not want this to happen.

    If the Bush Administration has its way, the Post Office will have to pay $27 billion in pension benefits related to services that have nothing to do with Postal services. Just imagine the uproar if the Bush Administration said that private businesses had to pay for the military pension benefits of their employees. This is exactly what the Bush Administration is telling the Post Office.

    What will be the result of this? Well, we can already expect the price of a stamp to go up 2 cents to 39 cents early next year. If the payment of military pension benefits of Postal employees is not put back to where it belongs, expect the price of a stamp to go up at least another 2 cents, very possibly more, in 2007. Consider this Bush’s stamp tax.

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