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    During a half marathon on April 2nd I felt my L. achilles “tighten” about the 5 mile mark. Apparently I’d taped that foot too tight and it was protesting. I’ve never had it do that or ever had achilles problems. I live on the course and at the 6 mile mark cut the tape off. I felt instantly better and finished the race just fine. In fact, I ran an extra 5 mile afterwards as planned [training for FlyingPig]. Then when I tried to stretch it out it sudden got very tight. It was also noticeably swollen and there was a bump where the tape was. I took the next 3 days off but ended up running my usual miles, including a combined 22 miles that Sunday [all runs at EZ pace]. Each day it’s felt better [swelling almost gone] and it doesn’t affect me while running, but there is still some “tightness” when I move my foot in an extreme position. Monday is my usual “OFF day”. I ran 5 Tuesday and 6 yesterday. Probably take today OFF and do 10-12 on Friday. Before I jump back to heavy into my training I wonder if I should be concerned or see my Doctor. I’ve never had this problem before so don’t know how careful I need to be. Thanks in advance.

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