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    During a half marathon on April 2nd I felt my L. achilles “tighten” about the 5 mile mark. Apparently I’d taped that foot too tight and it was protesting. I’ve never had it do that or ever had achilles problems. I live on the course and at the 6 mile mark cut the tape off. I felt instantly better and finished the race just fine. In fact, I ran an extra 5 mile afterwards as planned [training for FlyingPig]. Then when I tried to stretch it out it sudden got very tight. It was also noticeably swollen and there was a bump where the tape was. I took the next 3 days off but ended up running my usual miles, including a combined 22 miles that Sunday [all runs at EZ pace]. Each day it’s felt better [swelling almost gone] and it doesn’t affect me while running, but there is still some “tightness” when I move my foot in an extreme position. Monday is my usual “OFF day”. I ran 5 Tuesday and 6 yesterday. Probably take today OFF and do 10-12 on Friday. Before I jump back to heavy into my training I wonder if I should be concerned or see my Doctor. I’ve never had this problem before so don’t know how careful I need to be. Thanks in advance.

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    You didnt say in your post why you had taped your foot in the first place?

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    The reason I tape my feet is due to an old injury. I partially tore my L. post-tib tendon in 1996. I found that combined with orthotics, and the right shoe that taping was very helpful. Since, I’ve had to rely far less on MC shoes and now only tape my feet on half of my runs. Since the strain I haven’t taped either foot. I tape the other foot because I began noticing some mild tightness in my R. ankle as well.

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    Well, the good news is it’s improving. I usually keep a close eye on something but continue with my training as long as it is improving and isn’t leading to negative effects like changing my form to favor it. However, this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. My usual advice, which I admittedly don’t follow at times, is to get proactive no matter how trivial something seems if it lasts for a week or more.

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