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      What is an advertising post?

      An advertising post is any post that, to the average reader, appears to be posted with a primary intent of directing traffic to a website other than Typically, an advertising post has little to do with the topic it was posted within or it is posted as a new topic with little to no apparent interest in adding to the discussion at

      Some people think advertising posts must link only to commercial websites that are selling goods or services. This is not the case. Even if the link is to your personal blog, it is still advertising if a primary intent is to drive traffic to your website.

      What is not an advertising post?

      Some links to sites other than are welcome and encouraged. If you have found a page on another website that pertains to a discussion on the Forums, please share it. It can help further the discussion. If you have found a page on another website that you think would be an interesting topic for discussion, go ahead and link to it but also start the discussion. Share your thoughts. Show that you are more interested in discussing the topic at hand than promoting the website at the other end of the link.

      The individual who makes the post also matters. If a respected, frequent contributing member posts a link to an article with the clear intent to create some discussion, this is far different than a just registered member posting a link to “my blog”.

      Why are advertising posts not welcome on the Forums?

      Everyone who has a website wants to promote their site. offers ways for you to promote your site (see below). Advertising posts clutter the forums, making it harder for members to find the topics they are actually interested in, and take advantage of is primarily an ad-supported website. By making advertising posts, you are stealing from the paying advertisers, from, and from the people who benefit from the ad-supported services offered at

      How do I promote my website on

      There is one good ways to promote your website at contribute! If you are a valuable contributor, you are more than welcome to share your website in your signature. If you are not a valuable contributor, don’t share your link.

      Basically, if you expect to get something from this community, give something in return.

      What is your policy on signatures?

      Because so many newly registered members take advantage of forums, you have to prove yourself before you can create a signature within your forum profile. I wish it didn’t have to be this way but we can thank those who take advantage of forums for that. Once you have established yourself, I would encourage you to create a signature and share a link in there.

      If you haven’t yet established yourself and you create a signature with a link, your post may be handled as an advertising post.

      How are advertising posts handled on the Forums?

      Advertising posts will be promptly removed by a moderator. The individual who made the post will be allowed to continue to browse the forums but will be banned from posting.

      If you have been banned and feel it was an overreaction, you can contact me but I make no promises on overturning bans. (Hint: Be contrite and accept responsibility. You’ll be much more likely to see your ban overturned that way than if you get defensive and insist you did nothing wrong or call me an evil dictator.)

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