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    I have been feeling somewhat better as of late but have a ways to go to feel 100% again and maybe I never will. Anyways, I decided to run the Fox Cities 1/2 marathon with a goal of running 6:40-45 pace. I had less than 1000 miles this year and only six runs of ten or more going into it but wanted to do it. I only checked my splits every three miles and went 18:50, 18:41,18:32,17:57 and my last mile was 5:53. Ended up running 1:20:32 and averaged 6:09. A complete surprise and actually felt my best the last five miles and can honestly say it was my best run in the last 18 months. This brings us to my question. I have a burning desire to run Lakefront for a number of reasons. It is their 30th year, my 20th year since my first marathon(Lakefront) 15 years from my pr(Lakefront) ten years from one of my wins there and it would be my tenth Lakefront. Silly reasons to some but good ones to me. I also am tired of this disease controlling my running and am feeling able to start. I may not finish if it is not a good day for me(some are better than others lately) I am hoping that I have a day similar to the 1/2. I will not know unless I start. I do take pride in the fact that I have never dropped out of a race in over thirty years of running and that has a very good chance of happening. I actually have no concerns with that because I feel as though if my body does not want to go I can't make it with what is going on inside of it chemically (Thyroid) I also do not have any aspirations of running a fast time. My goal would be to finish around three hours or so(or more). Do any of you have any suggestions or thoughts (or hits to the  head) to make the right decision. I actually think I would love the after effects for the following week or so. Have not felt it in a long time.

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    Well, my initial thought is registration is closed. I'm not sure how you plan on getting in.

    Personally, I would advise against it. While a few 10 mile training runs on top of some light training can be enough to get you through a half, as we all know, the marathon is a different kind of beast.

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    Being a former champion, I was given a free entry. That is not an issue. I do agree with your thought on the two distances. Thanks for your opinion. 

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    I agree with Ryan — even down to thinking in the same terms (“different beast”).

    On the other hand, I know a few recreational/fitness runners who have finished marathons who were less fit and less prepared than you are. Of course, they never aspired to be marathon champions and they probably spent much of their race socializing with the runners around them. So, I suppose that if you can truly accept success as finishing no matter how slow the time, then you can probably do it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea.

    Great job at Fox Cities. That must have been fun. Good luck with the thyroid issue.

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    Darn, had something typed up and lost it.

    Ah, the previous champions who were invited for the 30th running. I can definitely see your interest in doing this. It's surely a great honor to be offered an entry as a previous champion and I'm sure it's hard to pass up running. I think I know who you are and you are a very experienced runner. Deep down, I think you know whether this is something you should do or not. I'd hate to get in the way of someone accepting an honor of a type I know I will never get to experience. Personally, as I know myself, I know a marathon on what you have done so far would be a disaster for me so I wouldn't do it. However, we are two different types of runners. You have always been able to do things that I could only dream of on training that would leave me desperately lacking.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great weekend. You've earned all the attention/adulation you will receive.

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    I hope you do not think I would be doing it for the attention because I do not think they are doing much that way other than the bibs from what I hear. I also do not care much for it anyways.  I want to be able to finish a marathon and say this is my last one. With the issues I have had the last five years from injuries and then the thyroid thing which was the reason for my injuries, which by the way are completely gone and it feels as though never happened(two partially torn hamstrings and many strains that led to many bike rides) I always had the attitude that I would never run a marathon just to finish it because I always knew I could. I think it is too far to run and too much pain. I do not know if I could make it and If (big IF)  I make it, it very well might be the finish I am most proud of. I know I am not in shape for it and I would not consider doing it if it were any other marathon. I was asked to be a part of the race in other ways but the only way I wanted  to be part of it was as a participant. You are correct in that it is crazy for me to consider this but there are runners who run them on less than I have done.  I honesty do not know how they do it. It is a long way and it scares me but isn't that part of life to take a chance once in a while and see if it can be done. One last factor is that the weather looks to be ideal which is huge in a marathon,as you know, and is one less worry and rarely happens. I would love to have a phone call with you as this method is difficult to express every thought and words can come across the wrong way at times. Thanks for you input.

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    Go for it!!

    Life is short, enjoy it!!

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    You're right, thoughts are hard to express here. I didn't mean that you are an attention seeker or anything, just that you deserve some of the attention as a past champion and you should be able to enjoy that.

    You've gone through some times that I couldn't even imagine. As such, it would be foolish for me to judge any decision you make. I can only imagine how hard this decision is for you. Looking at it objectively, I'd say it's a big risk. Considering all the factors, I honestly have trouble making a suggestion either way. Sure, it's a big risk and, at the point I am in my life, I'd never do it. However, you are at a different point. You've gone through a lot. If you do it, my only suggestion would be to do something you've probably never done in a marathon before. Take walking breaks. Your situation is tailor made for walking breaks. They will help you get to the finish line.

    Whatever you decide, enjoy the weekend. I know you're not seeking attention but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the well earned attention that you receive.

    By the way, if you would be interested in talking in person and are going to be in Milwaukee Saturday evening, Rita and I are working out the details for a dinner. I don't think we've ever met in person and I'd consider it a great honor to meet you. Of course, you may also have other events you would prefer to partake in that evening so it's completely understood if you can't make it.

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    I've done enough of these to know you have to do them for your own reasons. This past weekend I completed 3 marathons. A personal goal important only to me.  I plan on being there Sunday. Very few people will know me, there will be no family members cheering me on, and I doubt seriously that I will be competitive in my AG. Never the less I plan on supporting the Striders and running my 10th LFM. Were I in your shoes and at peace with my decision I would run, but keep it low key. If you have a great day there's plenty of time to “talk the talk” after the finish line. If you don't you can always say you came to celebrate the 30th and honor the past.


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    Well, I decided to do it and am content with how it went. Ran the first 18 at 6:30 pace with five mile splits of 32:25,32:36 and 32:31then ran three more 6:30's and then I think I ran out of my allotted time my body was going to let me run. I then ran a 6:42 and a 7 flat to run from 15 to 20 in 33:20. After that it became a struggle and I ran the next five in 37:06 and was hating it. The 26th mile was an 8:05 that felt like a 10:05, I felt like I was crawling. The point 2 was whatever it was but really slow and I finished in 2:57:48. I expected it to be a struggle and it was. I honestly believe that I did not run too fast the first 18. I actually felt like I was holding back the first ten. Obviously I did not train enough for this. The best part was I was able to make my body physically do something that mentally  I wanted it to do. The last 18 months I have not been able to do that. Yes it was a slow time but I finished  and am happy with that.

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    And you again show how to get it done. Your “slow” time was one that many people will never run. 31st overall. Good job and it sounds like you are rightfully proud of what you were able to accomplish. While those closing miles were no doubt a struggle, I hope you were able to enjoy them and the rest of the weekend.

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    I paid the price on the way home. Heaving with no results and wishing something would come up.Spending the afternoon on the couch and hating life and at the same time knowing that you only feel this way when you gave all you had. I am not sure if I would have finished if my kids were not there. I just did not want them to see me quit. I really, really wanted to quit from 24 to the finish. No way in the world could I run today, yet I love the pain I have in my legs knowing that I pushed myself hard. It will be nice to log these miles seeing as I have not written down a big number in a long time. 

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    A friend of mine who frequently travels to marathons ran Lakefront as well. Here are some excerpts from his race report:

    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)]I ran miles 5-25 with a guy who had run it 11 times before, winning it in 1986 in 2:20 something, after you subtract the 1:45 (minutes) he had to wait for a train to cross the course.  Also he finished 18th at Boston once, but he only volunteered that after I asked.  Very nice humble midwestern guy. [/color]He was still pretty spry for a geezer and left me the last mile, so he ran a negative split of about 30 seconds vs my 20 seconds.

    At first, I thought this might have been runner1, but it sounds like it wasn't.

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    That would be John Zupanc:

    bib number:




    Omro, WI
    overall place:

    62 out of 1903
    division place:

    1 out of 84
    gender place:

    59 out of 1105




    mile 20:

    gun time:


    This in today's paper: John Zupanc and Deb Vercauteren, the husband and wife team responsible for
    24 of UW-Oshkosh's 42 national Championships, announced that they will retire from their posts in January.  Zupanc and Vercauteren have each totaled 30 years of service with the UW-Oshkosh cross country and track and field programs.

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    Zupanc is a great guy. I'm sorry to hear that he and his wife will be leaving the Oshkosh program. They really had a great thing going there. I'm sure they will be doing all they can to leave the program in able hands.

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    John was my coach in college and I still consider him to be my coach to this day. I am lucky enough to be able to see him on a weekly basis as my work takes me up that way. For twenty years on Tuesdays I have been running from Kolf and spend a few minutes chatting with him. He has been a huge factor in what I have been able to accomplish. I hope to stay in touch with him as he will not be in his corner office after Jan. 1. He called a bunch of his alumni a few weeks ago to let us know there would be an announcement. He will be the meet director for the D3 X-country meet held at UW-O next year. He is a great person as well as a great coach.

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