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    fellow hillrunners…i volunteer to develop/maintain the web site for the lakefront marathon in milwaukee. i’ve been working over the last few months with a redesign/expansion of the site and would appreciate it if other runners could take a look at it and offer their honest feedback on it.

    take a look at…

    …when time permits.

    i’m really interested to hear what perspective the site gives to a prospective entrant. if there’s “stuff” that’s missing that you’d want to see if you were running the race…let me know.

    thanks for the help.

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    great site… I liked the count down clock & the message board… while it does say “flat” the elevation chart looked more like “rolling” 🙄 but maybe it’s the scale…

    great link list, and easy to get back to the home page… in fact if I was closer I’d consider it, you made it look pleasant and well organized… however I’m already commited to a race in driving distance…

    good job…


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    Ed 1

    The website is good – I too especially like the digital countdown clock, it adds excitement. The site is easy to navigate. I like that entry is already available by more than just on-line registration. Last year it was quite a wait to register in a way other than on-line. The message boeard area is great as well.

    An idea to add would be picture of the finisher’s medals for both the half and the full marathon.

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    Cameron, looks pretty good. Better than the sites of some races that are much larger.

    One more technical comment I have. I have my windows colors changed from the default so looking at the monitor for long hours is easier on the eyes. It looks like you might be taking my default Windows color for your page background. If you want the page background to be white, you may want to force it. On my screen, the page backgrounds are all gray.

    One non-technical comment, also. If you have access to the images, you might want to place some emphasis on the scale of the course profile. Given the scale, it does look like a rolling course but anyone who has run it can tell you the course profile looks much worse than it really is.

    R, on the note of the hills at Lakefront. If you take a close look at the scale, they are not nearly as severe as they look on the profile. At a quick glance, it looks like the steepest hill on there starts at the mile mark. If you take a close look, that rises maybe 50 feet – probably less – in over 1/4 mile. That works out to around a 3% grade. I honestly don’t remember anything that seemed even that severe. I’m sure most people who have run Lakefront would agree with me that most of the “hills” you see on that course profile are the type that you don’t even notice when you are running. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement for Lakefront but it is indeed a wonderful race. Excellent organization and a great course. The only issue I have with this race is that they ordered the worst weather conditions in race history the one time (so far) I ran it. OK, one other issue. They added prize money one year too late. If they would have done so one year earlier, I would have taken home $100.

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    Excellent site. It contains all the information I look for (dates/times, location, course info, cost), and it’s easy to navigate.

    I did see what appears to be an error in the awards section. I sent an e-mail with specifics to the webmaster e-mail listed at the bottom of the page.


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    How about a photo of the t-shirt? That is if they are designed yet.

    Also, I like the message board idea, however I know traffic can be a little slow at times. What about linking to the Badgerland Striders forums too?

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    thank you all for your feedback. i’ve been able to work in many of your suggestions and have a few more on my “to-do” list. thanks again!

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