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    I know it seems like there have been a lot of these recently but I want to get control of the memberlist and not allow spammers to get a free ride. I am more concerned with not allowing spam on these forums than I am with having an inflated memberlist and bragging about having 1000 registered users when it is obvious that 700 of those registered users are doing nothing here other than trying to get some free promotion.

    On that note, I went through and did another cleanup yesterday. I removed members who were obviously attempted spammers and I removed those who have been registered for over a month, had a website in their profiles, and had shown no signs of contributing to or even visiting the forums since their registrations had been completed, as these people to me also fit the definition by trying to get free promotion without contributing.

    At this point, I have come up with a few methods to easily weed out the spammers and others attempting to get free promotion without contributing (in my mind also spammers). I will be attempting to keep up on this on a regular basis to ensure you that you are not being bombarded by junk you don’t want to see.

    However, if you do contribute to these forums, I welcome you to share a link to your website. This, of course, is standard etiquette. If you contribute to this site and as long as your profile and signature don’t turn into obnoxious advertising material, I welcome and even encourage you to link to your website in your profile and/or signature. Considering these viewpoints that some may seem as contrasting, I should probably offer some guidelines on how I will enforce this spam policy.

    First off, since the only place your signature is visible is on posts you make, I am very lenient with signatures. I can’t think of a time that I have had to get involved with signatures. Just keep them at least relatively modest. As I already stated, no obnoxious ads.

    Second, blatant spam. These are the easy ones. The people showing up with obvious intentions of getting free advertising and free links, usually for sites that have nothing to do with running and frequently for offensive sites. The actions I took to block these spammers about two months ago have greatly reduced the number of these we have seen. Unfortunately, nothing will work 100% of the time so some occasionally still get through. Those that do will be removed as soon as I see them. If I do not see them within a few days, feel free to let me know about them and I will look into them first chance I get.

    The third issue is the tricky one. People who show up and link to their usually running related websites in their profiles and then don’t do anything to contribute to the forums. Because I don’t want to put people out, I am cautious with these people. However, I do have the ability to see when the last time was that someone logged on and this is where I will take advantage of that. If you have never logged in or the last time you logged in was within a day or two of when you registered and then you never come back again, you are making your reason for registering obvious and I will take action.

    In summary, if you are a regular contributor to these forums, I welcome you to share your website within your profile and your signature. If you do not do anything to contribute to the forums, though, do not think you can take advantage of these forums as a source of free advertising.

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