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    A little colder than expected after this weeks highs, and a little windy too, but a big  5K PR none the less.

    I went through the first mile a little slower than planned, 5:40, but that felt right for today.  The second mile, a lot of which was into the wind along the beachfront, 5:46.  After the first mile or so I was solo, nobody to draft on, so I had to push alone.  The last 1.1 was 6:05, which is about 5:32 pace, which means my last mile was probably my fastest.  I felt strong at the finish, 17:31, about 65sec fastest than my previous best.  Overall average pace was 5:39, good for 5th overall and first in my age group. 

    Looking back, I think I left too much for the last mile, I probably could have pushed earlier in the race and came in a little faster.  Im still working out my strategy for the 5k, plus I know I run better with someone right in front of me or right behind me, today I was in no mans land again.  But Im really happy with the performance, looking to the summer to drop the 5k time a little more.


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    Another incredible improvement and more improvements when you get better conditions will be coming. You continue to amaze and inspire. Good job.

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    Outstanding job, what more can I say. Keep it going, the weather is only going to get better and I'm sure this will be to your advantage. Ski

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    that's awesome tim.  PRing in a 5K this time of the year is tough.

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