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    for returning from an injury?

    I am three weeks out from my DNF marathon due to ITBS and am recovering nicely. The pain is gone, I have been stretching 2-3 times/day, and this week I began doing strength exercises, also without pain.

    Doc says I can run when I can do 3 sets of each strength exercise, so I am thinking 1 more week should do it. I think by mid week next week I should be able to do 3 sets/day, but we’ll see.

    Anyway, before the injury I was averaging 30-35 miles/week, with weeks as high as 50, so I am wondering how much fitness I will have lost? I know that my body will be my guide, and believe me, after this injury I KNOW it! but I am still wondering how to approach my “comeback”? Where do I start? Anyone have similar experience? Any and all info is greatly appreciated,


    PS, my next goal is a 10k in Sept, and next year I am going to attempt the same marathon as this year, and this time its personal 😈

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    First off, ITBS is a BITCH!!! In college I was running my best ever, got ITBS and was never the same. Even if you don’t feel any pain walking around, once you start running it can flare up in a hurry. If that happens, STOP and take more time off.

    When you don’t have any pain running I’d start building up slowly. Every other day, then 2 days on – 1 off, 3 on – 1 off, etc. Mileage-wise, I’d say you can start around 20 mpw. If you’re feeling good after about 2 weeks, then you should be able to ratchet up your mileage a little quicker. You’ve only “lost” a month of training. If this was a more minor injury, I’d say you could be a little more aggressive. However, the IT Band is a different animal. At least it was for me.

    You have till Sept, so don’t rush back.

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    nasty stuff that ITBS… been there done that… my doc & pt person both said cross-train (elliptical & water jog) so as not too lose too much fitness so if you can start back with some cross training it’ll help, IMHO. And as Zeke said don’t push through any pain…

    I also found SLOW warm up jogging helped a lot… sometimes I’d be doing a mile at sometimes two minutes slower than my long run pace but I needed to be sure all the parts were going to work

    and of course, good shoes, no road camber, alternate direction or stay away from the track for awhile… and ice and ibuprofen at the least twinge… my doc said most common problem & most treatable…

    good luck,


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    Newbie alert!

    Lots of people have mentioned ITBS recently. What is it, exactly?

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    Iliotibial band syndrome. We all have this band that runs down the leg, along the outside. I know that it involves irritation when it is too tight and rubs along the outside of the hip bone. I have not suffered from this ailment.

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    The irritation that happens is usually when the IT band rubs as it passes over the knee joint. Although hip pain can be associated with ITBS, the real pain, at least for me, is on the outside of the knee.

    Zeke, if your read this, explain why you were never the same after your bout with ITB, youve got me nervous now 😯

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    Oops, I didn’t mean to scare you. I did eventally heal and even ran faster the following year. However, at the the time my IT Band flared up I was running with more confidence than ever before. I PR’d by 20 sec 3k time trial, then ran a 5k PR a week later. The next day my IT flared up.

    If my IT Band had flared up while I was running “normal” times, maybe I’d feel differently. However, I was running really well at the time and I still have hard feelings when it comes to my IT Band. 👿

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    So it can probably be avoided via stretching?

    Although I vaguely recall someone talking about it in terms that we’re all prone to it, regardless of stretching (which I guess is true for all muscular/tendon injuries)?

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    I have the same thing except the pain is concentrated in my hip. Didn’t bother me in the race one bit but hurt the first time I tried to run after.

    This is the third time I’ve had this injury. I really think you can prevent it with a strong core and by stretching. I, of course, just don’t want to learn my lesson.

    One thing I’m definitely doing this time is resting till it’s completely healed while focusing on my core and stretching. The last two times I had this I tried to come back too early drawing out the injury. I’m giving it three solid weeks this time.

    I plan get healthy and aim for a PR in the 10k in the fall. Also want to PR in the LBI 18 mile run, which happens to be my favorite race.

    Sounds like your doing the right thing listening to your Dr. Take your time coming back.


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    I crashed in 99 with ITBS. The quad lifts in the weight room, biking hills and elliptical training with the stretches really helped me recover after 2 1/2 months. Was able to get back to running in August (early) and still pull out a 3:00.06 marathon in October. That should encourage anyone. PSKI

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    Ed 1

    I don’t think that you’ll have lost too much fitness – I had taken most of the winter off with no training or stretching and jumped into some good long runs. My longest of the year so far was 18 and I did it at a faster pace than my runs over 10 miles at the peak of training last year. Remember how much of our sport is a mind game – then add a few notches. Jutst recently I had a tightness behind my knee quickly followed by tingling under the toes in the same leg. I took some time off, actually did some stretching and have done some fast but short runs. All is good so far – now I’ll slow it down (only a litttle) and lengthen the runs. Unfortunately for you time is very short. I have until late September – about 19 weeks. Anyway – I’ll bet you lost little especially if you had a good base with good training prior to the injury.

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