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    I haven't heard anything.  The times looked slow again.  Was the weather bad again this year??

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    It was warm.
    I ran the half and it wasn't to bad, but we started an hour early. It seemed like the humidity went down during the race but the sun came out and it got warm.

    The marathoners sure looked hot at about 24 miles where I was watching.


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    Zeke got a PR (I checked), but I'm sure he can tell you all about it here:

    Way to go, Chad!

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    Thanks for the shout out, Peter.  It's all in my blog, so I don't really have much to add.

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    Congrats Zeke, a PR in not so hot weather is fantastic…better set a higher bar for next one.

    I was of course, a no-show, when it rains, it pours  My DH broke his toe 2 weeks before Grandma's and then 2 days later I had some calf soreness.  I took 3 days off to heal what I thought was a maybe a strain, but proceeded to tear it anyway.  Someone didn't want me or hubby travelling to MN.

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    Zeke, good job. It's always nice to get a PR, doubly so when being capable of doing so in less than ideal conditions.

    Sue, sorry to hear about the troubles. Hopefully, brighter days will be ahead as you plan your fall efforts.

    Karen, I hope the half went well for you.

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    Wow, Zeke.  Great effort!

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    Saw this item this a.m.:

    Ngetich, Akor win elite Grandma's Marathon titles
    Duluth News Tribune
    Published Saturday, June 16, 2007
    Wesly Ngetich of Kenya won his second Grandma’s Marathon men’s title this morning, beating more than 9,000 runners and the heat and humidity in the 26.2-mile race from Two Harbors to Duluth.

    Ngetich finished in 2 hours, 15 minutes, 55 seconds — well behind Dick Beardsley’s course record of 2:09:37 set in 1981 and slower than his 2005 winning time of 2:13:18 — but he ran alone for the final 10 miles to win by more than a minute and a half.

    “The heat and humidity were really hard this year,” Ngetich said through an interpreter at the Canal Park finish.

    Wesly Ngetich crosses the finish line as the first finisher in the marathon with a time of 2:15:55 Saturday morning during the 2007 Grandma's Marathon. [DEREK MONTGOMERY/NEWS TRIBUNE]

    Fellow Kenyan Joseph Kahugu finished second in 2:17:29. Kahugu won the 2006 Las Vegas Marathon but dropped out of this year’s Paris Marathon with blisters on his feet.

    Australia native Andrew Letherby finished third in 2:18:00.

    Mary Akor of Lomita, Calif., the third-place finisher a year ago, won the women’s race in 2:35:40 to win the $10,000 first-place prize money.

    Akor, running her fourth marathon this year, won her first Grandma’s and was the first American to win the women’s division since Floridian Mary Alico won in 2:32:42 in 1996.

    Akor suffers from asthma, but handled the condition to win easily.

    “I was having a little difficulty breathing,” Akor said at the finish line. “I was saying, ‘God, help me finish this race’ because there hasn’t been an American winner for so long. He answered my prayers.”

    — Chad Johnson sprinted past running partner Luke Humphrey around mile 11 and went on to win the men’s division of the Garry Bjorklund Half-Marathon.

    The Thorp, Wis., native, a former University of Minnesota runner, finished the 13.1-mile race along the shores of Lake Superior in 1:05:18.

    Johnson, who resides in Rochester Hills, Mich., trains daily with Humphrey, of Rochester, Mich., who finished second in 1:05:51.

    Six-time champion Ryan Meissen was seventh in 1:08:42.

    Paige Higgins of Littleton, Colo., easily won the women’s division in 1:14:46, setting a personal record by more than 2 minutes. Brandy Erholtz, originally from International Falls and a current resident of Bailey, Colo., was second in 1:19:30.

    St. Scholastica runner Jen Houck placed fifth in 1:22:40.

    — Bruce Deacon of Canada was the men’s masters winner in 2:23:02. The women’s masters winner was Ramilia Burangulova of Russia, who also finished second in the women’s open division, in 2:38:55.

    — Rafael Jimenez of Spain, fourth in last year’s men’s wheelchair race, won this year’s installment in 1:28:45.

    — Amanda McGrory of Champaign, Ill., defended her women’s wheelchair title and set a new course record in 1:46:29, shaving two seconds off Candace Cable’s 1999 winning time.


    Saturday’s Results


    1. Wesly Ngetich, 2:15:55; 2. Joseph Kahugu, 2:17:29; 3. Andrew Letherby, 2:18:00; 4. James Karanja, 2:18.56; 5. Stephen Muturi, 2:20:27; 6. Nick Rogers, 2:20:35; 7. Allen Wagner, 2:21:23; 8. J.T. Service, 2:21:31; 9. MacHaria Yuot, 2:21:42; 10. Sage Canaday, 2:21:43; 11. Charles Kiplagat, 2:22:29; 12. Christopher Raabe, 2:22:32; 13. Bruce Deacon, 2:23:02; 14. Eric Blake, 2:24:35; 15. Jason Flogel, 2:24:49.


    1. Mary Akor, 2:35:40; 2. Ramilia Burangulova, 2:38:55; 3. Tatiana Titova, 2:39:58; 4. Heather Hanscom, 2:42:02; 5. Kristen Fryburg, 2:42:27; 6. Sarah Hinkley, 2:47:03; 7. Jenna Boren, 2:47:44; 8. Melissa Gacek, 2:47:59; 9. Melinda Courage-Carlberg, 2:48:10; 10. Mindy Sawtelle, 2:50:26; 11. Heidy Lozano, 2:51:37; 12. Kathryn Masselam, 2:52:10; 13. Nicole Cueno, 2:52:42; 14. Aimee Phillippi-Taylor, 2:53:59; 15. Desiree Budd, 2:54:26.

    Mary Akor crosses the finish line in 2:35:40 as the first woman of the 2007 Grandma's Marathon. [DEREK MONTGOMERY/NEWS TRIBUNE]

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    Congrats Zeke on your PR. I enjoyed reading your blog.
    I had to laugh about trying to do the math in the  later stages…..I suffer from not being about to do that.  Sean H says you get “Homer” brained in the later stages of the race. D'oh.

    My half went well, I was about 4-5 weeks behind in my training due to ankle problems after the Human Race 8k.
    I was happy to feel strong and place in my age group. Should be on track for TCM.
    I saw Coach Conway at the finish, I always see him there. He had on a goofy hat and my friends thought he looked like Big Crosby! LOL


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    Karen, I hope your ankle is doing well now. It's good to hear that your race went well and good to hear that Coach Conway is still getting out there, though I wouldn't know where else to expect him on race day. A “goofy” hat is par for the course if it was a sunny day, anything to protect you from the sun. I'd be a bit surprised if he showed up to the race with his banjo, though, even if it would have completed the picture.

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