Anyone up for an 8k time trial or other workout?

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    Well, I decided during this evening’s run that South Shore just isn’t happening. I’m just not ready for a train-through race at this point and I’m not going to break up my training for a race at this point.

    If not a race, how about a time trial, right? Well, that’s the plan. I’m considering an 8k on the South High track on the morning of the 16th. I remember Pski doing some time trials like this and they seemed like a great idea for tune-ups for racing so it’s my turn to take a crack at them. I have no idea what condition I’m going to be in going into that workout but I’d like to think I could knock off 28 minutes regardless of how I’m feeling.

    Anyone up for coming over to the South High track and getting in a workout on the morning of the 16th?

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