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      I got back into running again after a long winter hiatus.  I had started logging miles again in March.  In April I started at 30 mpw and finished with 50 mpw.  Had a total of 188 miles. 

      How did everybody else do?

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      215mi on 24 runs.  Did well this month, felt good, started throwing in some speedwork, and I took the MCAT! So glad to have that behind me.  The summer is almost here! Im ready to run fast again.

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      good month… 190.25 (77+ more than last month), two mornings at the track (when the kids had spring break), one race, ran well (PR by almost a minute) on the G.W. Parkway 10 miler… just having fun and building the miles… May should be even better… ;D

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      Put in 274.2 miles with 22 runs.

      4/1  = 26.2 (3:12:47)
      4/2  = OFF

      4/3  = OFF
      4/4  = 6.0 easy
      4/5  = 10.0 easy
      4/6  = OFF
      4/7  = OFF
      4/8  = OFF
      4/9  = 14.0 trails

      4/10 = OFF, Took out pint of blood, Crit = 48.3, Iron = 16.5
      4/11 = 8.8 w/ 2 mile in 11:50
      4/12 = 10.0 easy
      4/13 = 8.2 easy
      4/14 = 9.2
      4/15 = 21.0 trails
      4/16 = 17.0 easy

      4/17 = OFF
      4/18 = 8.8 w/ 2 mile 11:46
      4/19 = 12.0
      4/20 = 8.0 w/ 2 mile 12:15
      4/21 = 9.0
      4/22 = 27.0 trails
      4/23 = 16.7 trails

      4/24 = OFF
      4/25 = 8.8 w/ 2 mile 11:35
      4/26 = 8.2
      4/27 = 8.3
      4/28 = 7.0
      4/29 = 21.0 trails
      4/30 = 9.0 trails

      Ice Age 50 mile on May 13th

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      215 miles / 23 days. For April this is good. And better yet I haven't run this distance or been in this condition since '95.

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      281 miles this month.  5 days off.  3 doubles.  One 10K race on the 29th. 

      Definitely a new monthly record, but not much more than last month.  I also had a new long run record of 21 miles on April first.  I completed my first long MP run of 12 miles at MP.  I'm just starting to get into the stuff I like.  I like the grunt and groan of the Vo2 max workouts….call me nuts. 

      I believe May will be even bigger so we'll see what happens. 

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      320 miles; 30 runs in 30 days (all singles). This week I'm tapering for Sundays Long Island Marathon.

      Since running the race last year I ran 3655 miles in 362 runs (3 days off). Last year I ran a 3:24; I feel I'm in sub 3:15 shape now. I'll know in 6 days!


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      I logged 227 miles in April.  My attitude is much better, that in turn makes the miles all that more enjoyable.

      7 weeks until Grandma's! 

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      251 miles.  7 days off total, including 6 days-in-a-row due to sore shin/calves. 

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      I ran 253 miles in April.  My month included 28 runs on 25 running days.  I had five days off including three in a row after I tweaked my back playing volleyball last week. 

      I'm hoping to get up to 300 miles in May before starting Pfitz's 18/70 plan in early June.


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      184 miles, including 3 runs totaling 27.5 miles at a mile above sea level in the Wasatch Benches of Salt Lake City.

      (I could tell you about my beautiful 7-mile slog up Mill Creek Canyon — with those towering mountains closing in on both sides — before I turned around and finished EXACTLY where I started, seven miles later. That's what my Garmin recorded in spite of all that satellite blocking rock face. A fluke for sure, Ryan!)

      Anyway, I took 9 days off in April and averaged 46 mpw, up from 37mpw in March. Time to introduce some speedwork.

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      It was with out a doubt my highest mileage ever but then again would anyone expect anything less in preparation for the quest…

      160 miles or so in 18-20 days of running (don't have my log next to me, but you get the gist).

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      Time to introduce some speedwork.


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      A fluke for sure, Ryan!

      You're taking my comments out of context again. I don't mind when people disagree with me but I really dislike when people want to disagree with things I've never stated.

      Time to introduce some speedwork.

      I'll second Zeke. Why?

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      hmmmm….I don't see a huge problem with speedwork unless you plan on pounding out 5 x 1200 Vo2 max workouts for 6 months straight. 

      I think we as distance runners overlook speedwork to an extent.  By that I mean raw speed.  Something as simple as 10 x 100 FAST strides done even once a week for example. 

      I don't think there is any doubt that most of us here lack raw 200 meter sprint speed.  No it's not needed for the marathon, but for a 5K the added efficiency certainly can't hurt. 

      I know I would like to be faster. 

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      Just messin' with you, Ryan.  :-* I know how much you like to discount reports of “exact” measurements by GPS units. It just so happened my Garmin worked best where I least expected it to.

      As for speed, Chris, I'm just talking about mixing up the base mileage buildup with some purposeful tempo and interval running. I'm not heading to the track.

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      By the way, Ryan, when did I take your comments out of context, let alone do it “again”? This is the first complaint you've lodged.

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      Pretty measley numbers, 22 runs for 143 miles. I had a hard time sustaining anything this month. My feet are beginning to give me more problems, and I'm near the end for 2-3 pairs of my shoes, so need to start breaking in a couple of new pairs.

      The good news is I'm just base building, so no worries about being in shape for any upcoming race. Plan is to still increase miles this summer, run a couple of races in fall, then put a hybrid hansons plan together Dec-March for Boston 2007.


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      My feet are beginning to give me more problems, and I'm near the end for 2-3 pairs of my shoes, so need to start breaking in a couple of new pairs.

      How many pairs of shoes are in your normal training rotation???* I don't think I've ever had more than 2-3 in a rotation, I'd have trouble keeping track of more. I sometimes have enough trouble keeping track of 2.

      *Sensing a June poll topic in the making…

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      Something I learned from James Joyce:  supposedly when he wrote Ulysses, he had trouble keeping track of who was speaking so he used different color pens.  I have, including racing shoes, between 4 and 5 pairs in rotation, each one has its own color pen.  Makes keeping track of mileage simple.

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      During the winter, I was wearing 2 pairs of shoes primarily. But I also had a 3rd pair of shoes that isn't completely worn, so I have been wearing them also. I do NOT count the miles on the shoes, but I do check the wear. I don't like to begin a new pair of shoes after winter until I'm sure that there's no snow left. Which in Wisconsin, was like last week 😀

      Don't laugh too hard, it was 33 degrees this morning here.

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