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    Days run – 27

    Workouts – 28

    Miles Run – 219

    All in all, a pretty good month. Now I need to go out and start May off right.

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    I knew I wasn’t likely to match the 262 I put up in March (I had no cut back weeks in that month and didn’t run any races), but I had a solid month anyway.

    Miles: 212.25

    # of runs: 23

    # of 10+ mile runs: 9

    Longest Run: 14 (4 times)

    Notes: Ran a new 10K PR (40:26).

    834.5 miles so far this year, about a month ahead of my original goal (2000 miles for the year) pace.

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    276 for April in 25 days

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    Highest April ever with 279 miles in 33 runs. Ran 29 of 30 days.

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    April: 263 (tapered at end for my race)

    31 runs in 31 days


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    200 miles on the dot for April.

    I took five days off this month, and ran doubles on 4 days.

    I ran one race (a 5K), which I finished in 19:24.


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    APR – 190 miles (16 days – 16 workouts – 11.9 miles avg run)

    YTD – 720 miles


    * Trailbreaker Marathon (my 15th 26.2 finish) followed by 13 miles the next day

    * 24.5 miles on saturday the 9th followed by 16 miles on sunday

    * 35 miles on the trails in slightly over 6 hours under less than ideal weather

    * 20 miles on the trails in 3:12

    YTD i’m 100 miles short of last year, but in many ways i feel better prepared for the IAT50M in mid may. I signed up for the event on Saturday after my last 20M.

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    I’m not exactly sure on the number of runs but days running and miles are right and I think number of runs should be right based on memory.

    Miles: 585 (highest ever by about 90 miles)

    Days running: 30 (19.5 miles/day)

    Runs: 54 (10.8 miles/run)

    Needless to say, April was a wild ride. The first 3 days were shaky but then I strung together 27 consecutive days with 20 miles or more every day. Even on day 27 of that streak, I still managed 27:07 for an 8k in my first race of the year. No workouts yet, just occasional fast runs. Still base training.

    As of now, the streak of 20 or more miles every day died at 27 and I am having another slow start to the month but that will turn around soon and who knows what May will bring? I thought I was done with the big increases after March but I was wrong. One thing I never thought I’d do was a streak of running every day but I’m currently up to 50 days. Not intentionally, it’s just happening and I’m feeling great without even having any days off and I was even feeling great without any days of less than 20 miles for nearly 4 weeks.

    The fitness I’m gaining is incredible. If I can keep this going through May and June, then throw some workouts on it in the late summer and early fall, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

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    Ryan wrote:
    Miles: 585 (highest ever by about 90 miles)

    Days running: 30 (19.5 miles/day)

    Runs: 54 (10.8 miles/run)

    Wow. Great job Ryan…it really is inspiring to follow your progress. You’re taking your shot and you’re putting in some amazing work. Keep it up!

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    Two weeks of extreme taper, a marathon and two weeks of recover for a grand total of 74 miles.

    Wow Ryan….those are some incredible numbers.

    Ryan wrote:
    The fitness I’m gaining is incredible. If I can keep this going through May and June, then throw some workouts on it in the late summer and early fall, I can’t wait to see where it takes me

    What’s the goal? Any specific races? It must be exciting to think about where this sustained training might take you.

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    well, if you were wondering, I’m still alive. The coaching thing has kept me running, but only about 1/3 of the miles Ryan gets in! I am still sneaking in a few swims and been on my bike. Someday, I’ll put together my thoughts backed up by my logs and race results on this everlasting debate of cross training! Ryan is sure to LOOOOVE that. 🙂

    Keep it up guys and girls! Sorry I missed you all at CrazyLegs, I had the coaching thing!

    Later – Ferris

    my posts are like Haley’s Comet.

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    SwampTiger, the specific goals are still out in the future but I think I am willing to now state that I’m strongly leaning toward Chicago this fall. I just don’t have a good history at Lakefront and, when you’re looking to set yourself up with a good time in a fall marathon and you live in the Midwest, what’s the logical choice? Still no time goal, though. I have to see where all this training takes me. However, while I want to temper my enthusiasm so I don’t get in over my head, what I have seen happening over the past month or so has me thinking big.

    Ferris, how is the coaching going? Some day, when I’m done with all of this insanity myself, I would love to find my way into the coaching arena. (Don’t worry anyone, I won’t be asking your high schoolers to run 500-600 miles a month. 400 should be sufficient. ;-))

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    Ryan, coaching is going pretty well. I just need to be there a few years to establish a program. I’m getting some good results, it is just hard to get these kids to get to that next level because high schoolers are so…high schoolers. If a kid wants to be good, I can help, but it gets tuff when the wanna be good, but also want cars, jobs, girlfriends….and then you have the variable of ineligibility, and all that good stuff. All that aside, I love it. Hopefully, 5 years from now, I’ll be forced to decide wheter it is better for my top kids to go mile or 2 mile at state, instead of trying to find another body that can simply complete 2 laps!

    “hey, skinny high jumper, come here for a sec….” 🙂

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    249 Miles

    25 Days

    46 runs

    April was a good month for me. I had at least two higher quality workouts each week.

    I missed one long run on the third (hangover from a mediocre March), but other than that, I was consistent with my plan. This is probably my second best month ever mileage wise. I ran a pretty good race at the Trolley Run (4 miles, 21:13). On the calculator, that converts to a 16:14 5K time. It appears that I have a good chance of bettering my 5K PR on the 15th.

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