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    How was your April (running that is)?

    My April started out really well and was a bit week in the end.  Twenty total runs for 121.25 miles with an average pace of about 8:10 per mile.  Compared to the first three months of the year with only 62 total miles – April was big!  May is looking to be an awesome month!

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    That about sums up my April. I started it out with a badly needed cutback week. Then, less than a week into good training, came down with a cold that wiped me out badly enough to interrupt my training. Toward the end of the month, I got some bad hip/groin tightness that messed with my training again. In between all of these things, I did have some good training but it was way too frequently interrupted. I also had to skip my one planned April race. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a May race that fits my schedule and catches my interest so I may train through May and look toward June for races.

    My final numbers were 240 miles in 29 runs. Not bad but also not good.

    The good news is that I got a foam roller and it seems to be making quick work of rehabbing this groin/hip tightness. It's creating soreness in other places but I think that's a matter of muscles just needing time to get loosened up. I was getting really tight and knotted up in a lot of places and I'm going to have to go through some aches and tenderness on the way back to full health. I cautiously did a tempo workout today with zero groin pain and only moderate soreness in other places.

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    Mileage — good about 54 miles more than my next highest mileage month so far this year at 244. I reduced the mileage in the last two weeks both because I needed some reduction after 3-4 good, hard weeks and because I had a race coming up on the 29th
    Hard runs — I was very good about getting in two hard runs each week and I was pleased with my efforts
    Consistency — ran 29 days! I doubt that I have ever had a month where I've run every day. The day that I missed was last Friday and although I had planned to run to work that morning, I was getting a late start and asked my wife for a ride in order to get to work on time. I might have run in the evening, but it would have meant either meant shirking some chores or getting to bed really late. In the end, I think that my body needed the day off and that I raced better on Sunday for it. Though I do strive to be consistent, I do not want to be a slave to a streak.
    Racing — Trolley Run (4 miles; net downhill) 21:18, 24th overall; It was a good race, but I'm not wholly satisfied. The satisfaction deficit I think will be a good motivator for my next block of training.

    Training wise, April was one of my best months ever and definitely my best of the year. I had some setback or another in each of the first three months of the year. April was the first month this year that I was healthy and uninjured with no training interruptions. As I head into May, I am sore from Sunday's race with a couple of things that might grow more serious if I am not careful. I plan to take it easy until my body stops complaining.

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    I had a year to date low of 231 miles in April.  I had some really good workouts but I also had some interruptions in my training plans due to weather, sick children, and just needing some extra rest with the increase in quality as I got ready for my half marathon this Saturday.  I had planned this to be a conservative training cycle due to the fact that I was coming back from injury but the interruptions may have made it a tad more conservative than I would have liked.  At the starting line though it is better to be a tad undertrained than over cooked or injured so I think I did the right thing.  My hope is to have a solid half and then recover in time to race a 10 miler 2 weeks after the half.  2 years ago this weekend I had ran my  1st ever half marathon (crashed and burned but made it to the finish line)  but then did go on to run great at this particular 10 mile race 2 weeks afterwards. 

    One pleasant surprise this training cycle was that tempo pace was easier than last year.  I am not sure how this could be as I was super fit last year but it has been easier right from the start of the cycle.  I wonder if all the hard work I did last spring is maybe still paying dividends this year. 

    The weather forecast for this weekend does not look ideal as the overnight low is 64 and the Saturday high is 79.  I think I can make it work just fine though as I am just going to go with whatever the day brings. 

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    Ed, that was a good month. Now, time to both build from there.

    Steve, streaks can be the enemy of consistency when they overwhelm us and lead us to doing things we shouldn't. It seems like you made the best choice Friday and had a heck of a month all around!

    Charlene, you never know. Last spring may still be with you, with this spring just building on top of it. Maybe you're rested and refreshed, maybe you're just running with more confidence in your abilities. Whatever the case, it sounds like good news to me. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about the weather so there isn't much choice other than to take what it brings. You're more than capable of adjusting to the situation, though.

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    Andrew A.

    No comment, only looking forward.  8)

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    Jan = 209
    Feb = 262
    Mar = 363
    Apr= 192
    Ice Age 50 mile May 12th
    Twisted Steel

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    Temperture forecast for this weekend dropped by over 10 degrees for Saturday! I can work with that!

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    April was a great month for me even with a sinus infection for what seems like most of the month.  246 miles with one day off a week.  All the long runs have gone really well, the mid week long run is challenging but I can get through them.  Two more weeks of Weds. tempo work before the marathon, I think those have really paid off.

    I ran the Oshkosh Half a couple of weeks ago without my watch or Garmin & ended up with a 2+ minute PR (1:35:33)
    By far the best I've ever felt during a half.
    I feel ready for Green Bay & am keeping my fingers crossed we have good weather. 

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    Anne, awesome job at Oshkosh! It sounds like you're very ready for Green Bay with both solid training and a good tune-up half. Have a good one. I'll be hoping for good weather that weekend.

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    April went well but ended sort of flat. It's transition season here because we have snow until mid-month at least and I'm always building from 10-20 mpw running through March, with a lot of skiing, to hopefully 50 or so by the end of the month.

    174 miles for the month, plus 5 days skiing (28 workout days), which is as good as it gets for April. Felt great on tempo runs, running faster than expected, but after a set of hill reps last Thursday followed by a 20 min threshold effort, with 5X 1 min surges I ended April feeling flat flat flat. And, even though I've lightened up this week, still feel that way heading into this weekend's season opener, a 5K.

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    Don't want to start my own thread so will update everyone on my race here. Just got back from our weekend in Prairie Du Chien.  I really liked the half marathon.  It was very basic but well organized as just how I like a race to be.  The course was super flat except for an out and back over a railroad overpass.  This is a small half marathon with only 268 finishers this year but I sure hope that it will grow as it would be perfect with more competition.  The weather was mid 60s and  on the humid side but I thought it was a non factor.

    I knew that I had not done the training to be confident with my A goal of sub 90 but I thought that on the right day it could be possible.  My B goal was just to finish in the 1:30 to 1:32 zone.  After a few miles I was quite sure that an A goal attempt would prove to be painful and unsuccessful so I chose to dial things back a bit.  I  passed one man in the first mile and then had 2 other  men pace off of me for the first 8.  They passed me a time or two in that time but I passed them back just running steady.  At 8 miles I passed one teen age boy that was almost walking and left behind one of the men following me.  The other man passed me by 9 miles.  He said something about  my pacing keeping him going and I told him that we could work together and then he surged at the suggestion.  By 10 miles I started to fade but decided not to fight it as  I was first female by  a mile and I could not motivate myself to enter the pain zone for a 1:30X finish instead of a 1:31X finish so I cruised it in.  This part of the course was really lonely as there were no spectators or runners near me.  I don't think I saw a single person except the man 2 blocks ahead of me for mile 11.  Anyway I did pick it up again for the last mile and finished in 1:31:52 and was first female and 6th overall.  The man that passed me at mile 9 was not under 90 min or my PR  either so I think I did the right thing by not fighting to stay with him as I have a 10 mile race in 2 weeks and think I will recover much faster. 

    This is the 3rd time I have ran  1:30 to 1:31ish  for the half marathon so hopefully next time will be the break through.  I was really happy with my performance as I knew going in that my training cycle had been a tad too conservative as I was coming off of injury.  It was also really nice to be able to feel well enough afterward to do some hiking with the family.  The area has an abundance of State Parks and trails. 

    Wilson- I envy all your XC skiing.  My husband and I are quite the novices but love to go to the county park and make our own trails.  This year we did not have enough snow most of the winter to do so. 

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    Andrew A.

    Nice W, Charlene!

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    Charlene, nice race. Not only the win but right back where you were before all that happened. You're definitely lining yourself up for a breakthrough. It's coming, with patience and persistence you'll have it.

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    Thanks Guys!

    I am still not nearly in as good of shape as Ryan had me in last year but this was a really good comeback race as I was only about 90ish seconds off of my half PR.  Next up is the 10 mile race where I will be racing for a new 10 mile PR and then I will revisit the half marathon distance in September at the Brewer Mini Marathon. 

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    Andrew A.

    A trait common among all great runners (and all high achievers): resilience.

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