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    Yes, I, the man who rarely ventures outdoors to run much less actually enters a race, laced up the Orange and White racing flats on Saturday morning (at 8:00 AM!  could we get some Saturday night races, please?) for the 2nd Aquarium Run 10K (I even ran it last year in 40:26 which is my current PR).  It was a little warmer then I like (probably 65 and a little humid), but the wind wasn't too strong, the course was flat and I was feeling pretty good.  I was shooting for a sub-40:00 with the fall-back goal of just taking a PR.  Heres how it went down…

    1 KM: 4:04  Nice and relaxed, I was happy that I stayed patient with the crowds and didnt get drawn out too quickly.
    2 KM: 3:58/8:02  Picked it up trying to stay right at 4:00/km pace.
    3 KM: 4:04/12:06  Hmmm…slowed down…better go faster.
    4 KM: 4:00/16:06  Darn, I thought I was going faster, but we're about to turn around.
    5 KM: 4:07/20:13  Uh oh.
    6 KM: 3:53/24:06  OK, maybe the 5KM mark was long???
    7 KM: 4:13/28:19  WHAT???
    8 KM: 4:04/32:23  Well 40:00 is out…gotta get a PR.
    9 KM: 4:05/36:28  WHAT???
    10 KM: 3:52/40:20  PR by 6 seconds.

    OK, well its not a sub 40:00, but I extended my streak of PR'ing 7 consecutive times at the 10K distance (I have only run 7 10K's).  I dont know what to make of this race.  I felt really good early on, but the heat really got to me (and it wasnt even THAT hot).  I finished 10th overall and 2nd in my age group.  I guess I'm happy with my run, but I expected more.  I feel pretty good today and I plan to get right back after it in training.  My goal race of the year is in November so it should be nice and cold by then.  Thanks for listening.

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    YIPPEE… a PR is always a good thing… when you said “humid” I thought, right, there goes the whole thing… I was out Sunday morning and while it felt cool  & damp the humidity had me dripping wet by the end of the run, and I was taking it slow…

    good job, looking forward to that fall “cold” race report..

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    A PR is a PR and 7 PRs in 7 attempts at the distance is definitely something to be happy with. I hate humidity even more than heat, so I think you have to keep that in mind when considering your race. Besides, truly competitive people always want more. That's what keeps us coming back for more. Good job, sub-40 is surely right around the corner.

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    It is always encouraging to see improvement, keep it up!

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    7 consecutive PR's is impressive no matter what.  Nice job. 

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