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    I heard on the radio this morning that a new study found that nearly 1/3 of the calories consumed by Americans are from junk food and soft drinks. Are Americans really too stupid to put this fact, one I don’t think we needed a study to figure out, together with our society’s inactive lifestyle and figure out why this country is obese? It doesn’t have to do with carbs or fats in general. It has to do with common sense. It has to do with limiting the crap you eat and actually moving around in order to burn a few calories.

    Forget Atkins, forget South Beach. Here’s the all-new weight loss plan that is sure to help you shed a few pounds. Instead of having a 20 ounce Mountain Dew for breakfast, a 20 ounce Coke and a candy bar for a mid-morning snack, a super sized Pepsi with lunch, and a 20 ounce Mountain Dew with some sugar-laden candy for your afternoon pick-me-up, then going home after work and sitting on the couch all evening, follow these simple instructions. Go with a glass of OJ for breakfast, maybe with some fruit or a cereal bar. If you need the caffeine, try coffee or tea. Replace that mid-morning Coke with a bottle of water and the candy bar with a piece of fruit or some carrots. Don’t supersize the Pepsi for your lunch. In the afternoon, have more water and splurge, if you wish, with a reasonable amount of candy. After work, instead of going straight to the couch, go for a walk around the neighborhood. Say hi to your neighbors and get to know some of the people you live near. Most importantly, get moving under your own power.

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    A-Men to that. This sounds like the man-show diet – its called the “quit eating so damn much” diet. 😆 😆 It angers me that my brother and sister in-law are so heavy that they need special scales at the doctor’s office. yet they have a $2, 500.00 treadmil that gets more miles when I visit once a year than they put on it for the rest of the year. Lazy=Fat pure and simple.

    Now I do drink about 2 Mountain Dew code reds a day and have a doughnut for breakfast and fast food for lunch but I run a whole bunch and walk nearly 5 miles a day due to my job. I bet if I quit the crap I could lose a couple of pounds currently 154# at 5’6″ and get a tiny bit quicker. But I keep winning buy one get one free and I don’t want to through that money away. 😉

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    What’s the deal? Are you questioning the general public’s food selections, personal responsibility, intelligence or willpower?

    Perhaps I can clarify your frustration with what you find reprehensible about most “fat-slovenly” people’s behavior.

    It’s, all about “cause and effect”. And the modernization of our culture and food supply. People of industrialized cultures are currently responding to technology and convenience regarding food supplies without the benefits of natural obstructions, genetic disposition or “balancing cultural constraints.”

    Most people neither hunt nor forage for food. Yet the body, remains metabolically efficient, generating no genetic stops, to limit the onslaught of poundage through additional calories.

    Since there is little likelyhood of a need to “graze” on foods for 20 miles a day, it is unlikely that the excess will be burned. Yet, if you travel 20 miles through any urban area, you are literally bombarded with messages to eat, drink, or drink and eat.

    There is no “balance” to this cultural barrage of messages. Consumption is even being foisted on children before they can read. There’s no such think as a public service spot for a “10k”. And even if there were, it would be out-number in time and placement by 200 to one.

    So you see, a confluence of technology, genetics and culture have coalaced into powerful enviroment of eating and drinking. (and mindless consumption of other resources as well). Humans of the developed cultures are responding quite “NATURALLY” to the enviroment. And developing cultures are not far behind in improving their diets and lifestyles to western standards.

    Eventually there will be some adjusting to this “modern enviroment”. People who are educated enough to value and understand the consequences of no self-control and instant gratification will make attempts to spread their knowledge to others.

    Just don’t expect the public to make any diet-improvements in the near future, genetics and cultures take thousands of years to change.

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    Put down the two [email protected]@ing big macs extra large fries and 32 oz drink – get off your A$$ – and quit making excuses. 😥 I saw a sign for McDonald’s 😥 Now I have to go there and overeat till I am about to puke 😥 Or I saw some guy eating deep fried candy bars now I have to have one 😥 Please 😡 🙄

    🙄 🙄 Give me a freaking break. I see the same crap, plus work full time, go to grad school and am very involved with my wife and two children. I find time to eat well and exercise. 😡

    Excuses are for the weak and whiney.

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    Anonymous wrote:

    What’s the deal? Are you questioning the general public’s food selections, personal responsibility, intelligence or willpower?

    Just questioning their common sense. People constantly whine about getting fat and try all these wacky diets when the obvious answer is staring them right in the face. Don’t eat and drink a ton of junk and go for a walk every once in a while.

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    I know that personally, my view of sweets has changed drastically since I was a child. It seems as though now I can have all the junk I want whenever the heck I want it. Not so when I was a kid…

    I remember right after Star Wars Return of the Jedi came out, some company came out with these little chocolate and vanilla wafers that were shaped like the characters from the movie. My brothers and I were so stoked the day my mom brought these treats home from the grocery store. After dinner one night, my mom let me have my dessert (after cleaning my plate, of course). I got a chocolate Darth Vader cookie. I smelled it for a long time before taking a bite. As I was looking at it, I suddenly had pity for the guy. I mean, he was the bad guy for two whole movies, but right at the end of “Jedi,” he repented and had this great bonding moment with his son, Luke, right befor he died. I couldn’t eat the cookie. Instead, I tucked it carefully away in my crayon box so that he cold live forever in my imagination.

    Of course, two months later, I had gotten over any sentimental attachment I had for Darth Vader. In a moment of hunger, I pulled out my chocolate cookie for a mid-afternoon snack. My brothers objected. “That’s not fair! We don’t have a cookie! Why does she get to have one?” My mother decided that since I had saved it, it was perfectly fair that I could eat it any time I chose.

    So I did.

    It tasted like crayons.

    All these years later, I don’t savor my sweets. No one regulates how much junk I can eat in a day. I wish I could get back to the days when a chocolate was a treat. Christmas stockings would last until Easter, Easter baskets would last until Halloween, and Halloween candy would put you through to Christmas once more.

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    I wasn’t logged in for some reason.

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    OK, so you don’t get the gist of my comments about culture, genetics and technology.

    I’ll spell it out. First of all fat-people should be ridiculed from birth. Criticized and ostrasized at every possible social opportunity. Secondly fat-people should be denied any positions of social value, weather, governmental, educational, in fact fat-people should be urged to sterilize themselves.

    All marketing and advertising for processed foods and drinks should be outlawed. No print, radio, or TV ads of any kinds for any food stuff in an form other than it’s most basic naturally occurring status. You can advertise milk, but not chocalate milk etc……. You can advertise nuts, but not dry-roasted or oiled or sugared.

    Finally, drugs like ephedrine, methamphetimine and any other chemical stimulants or appetite suppressents should be available without prescription. Perhaps regulated, much like alcohol, but not restricted.

    This is what is needed to reverse current “cultural”, “technological” and “genetic” tendencies.

    So get out there and ridicule a fat person today!! And by all means, the more public about the better….

    This is the kind of enviroment that will reduce obesity……..

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    Outlaw advertisements? This is America – we have a choice. Just because there is a picture of a Big Mac on a bill board does not mean that you have to but y it. No will power is an excuse. If I put a picture of women having “relations” with me on a bill board would you jump my bones? I would hope not!

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    Yegads to the last Guest. 😯

    Anywho, as one of the aforementioned fat people, here’s my side of the story. We know it’s bad, we know we eat too much and we know we don’t excercise enough, in whatever form that may materialize in. Knowing something and acting on it are two very different things, just ask any smoker. Believe you me, anytime I decide to scarf down some Golden Arches, I’m acutely aware that I’m not doing myself any favors.

    So where’s the breakdown? I see two things. First, when I hypothetically eat a double quarter pounder, large fries and drink enough coke to get a patient in comatose to run a few laps, I don’t physically see my arteries clogging or my fat storage rising exponentially. I might feel sluggish for an hour or two, but that’ll pass and then I’ll be nice and hungry again. There’s no immediate effect for me to gauge what’s going on off of. The trick to beating this is to step on the scale after such a meal. If the scale’s a good one, you’ll see your shame in cold numbers and think twice next time, but few people will do that.

    The second thing is connected with the first; we’re a society that wants what we want right now, consequences be damned. How many of you are using broadband internet access instead of dialup, for example? As such, if you eat like crap as ‘the norm’ and then go on one of these fad diets, you’re going to notice the scale being nice to you for about 6-8 weeks. Remember, almost ANYTHING will work for 6-8 weeks as your body says, “WTF are you doing here, I’m confused”. So you drop 15 pounds and start to feel good about yourself. Your friends come over with a keg Friday night, you figure one night of indulgence won’t kill you, especially if all those years of it didn’t, so you go overboard. The next morning, your shame rears its ugly head once more. You either A) Get frustrated, having the audacity to wonder what the hell happened, or B) resolve to get back on your particular wagon and make it work for you. Most people choose A when they should be using part of B and mixing it with a lot C (cardio, if they’re not interested in lifting). They yo-yo like this for a while until it either sinks in that they’re not getting where they want to go, or give up entirely.

    I’m down to 337 from 380 over the past 3 months because I got off my ass and made moderately better nutritional choices. I’m not perfect in either regard, but when you start off as bad as I was it’s almost easy to make good progress. I’m just beyond that 6-8 week window where anything will work and have seen my fat loss remain consistent so it’s a matter of perspective. My end goal is 250, which I hope to reach by the end of this year. Because I’m still dropping scads of fat, I don’t have to make all the sacrifices necessary to get there right now. However, somewhere between now and 300, that will have to happen as my body continues to adjust to it’s improved condition. That will be the real test and I’m positive I will pass it, but it will be frustrating as hell when I see the same numbers on the scale for a couple weeks. The key, as in most things, is to just keep improving over the long haul. Some people get this, most don’t. It’s a fact of life that goes beyond body composition as I’m sure a lot of us have discovered.

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    Anonymous wrote:
    If I put a picture of women having “relations” with me on a bill board would you jump my bones?

    be careful what you wish for!

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    i don’t know.

    my best friend andrew used to always be active, and he always worked hard to eat right, but he was still fat. He took up the atkins, lost 50 or so pounds and I convinced him to run track and now he runs track and cross country. he loves it.

    personally i think atkins etc is fine when it is probably more dangerous to execise due to joint problems etc. but andrew used atkins as a tool to get where he can exercise without as many joint problems and without losing dignity.

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    Hey, speaking of…

    What’s up with all the coaches on Atkins? I’ve been cooking all summer for various groups of people, and once we got to the hockey camp and the basketball camp, I started getting special requests from coaches due to their Atkins regimine. Shouldn’t they be needing carbs for all their activity, or do they just tell the young kids to be active and sit and watch them instead? BTW, all the A-dieters have caved by some point in the week. Atkins and splurging go together about like drinking and driving.

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    been ther, done that… and I still have some clothes to prove it…

    my story… was 105 after first kid was 160 after second kid… gestational diabetes, slower metabolism, grad school and husband tells me that people at my part-time job would “take me more seriouisly” if I was full -time… also meant he paid way less chid support when he left…

    so I tried Atkins for six months, lost 40 pounds, started working out on my lunch hours… now I eat a lower carb than most people I know, who are heavier than I am and don’t work out as much as I do… whatever works for them…I just don’t eat much bread/rice/pasta all of which sit in my gut and make me feel lots worse than just sluggish…

    I sit at a desk all day, I’m 50 and diabetes is on both sides of my family… most people don’t realize the Atkins diet lets yu have fruits & veggies once you’re at your target weight and carbs depending on your exercise level… it’s just that most American don’t have an exercise level…

    I’m not perfect, had a couple beers with chips & salsa while on vacation… I always make Christmas cookies (since I was in 4th grade), but now I bring them into the office as my part of the pre-holiday pot-luck… and I get on the scale a couple times a week to keep tabs so nothing sneaks on…

    whatever works for you…


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    Let all these fattys keep on eating and whining about how hard it is to be fat and how hard it is to not eat. If they cant see the results of eating McDs right away, wait until they start dying from all of the health problems that obesity brings on. If 1/3 of America is obese right now, wait until 1/3 of America is dead 20 years from now, then maybe people will f:@.king wake up!

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    right… let them eat themselves to death? sounds like the same logic I heard about letting smokers just die of their addiction…

    it’s not just them, it’s the people they influence to start (over eating, smoking or whatever)… if I had a nickel for all the people who say ‘I could quit if I really wanted to” for whatever their addiction is, I could retire in style…

    on the other hand… I’ve also heard a number of people saying it’s their “right to choose” the addiction they want…

    my beef is that the American Medical Association and insurance companies view obesity & smoking as non-health issues… well, not quite but the AMA still hasn’t said that smoking or obesity is a health hazard…why, because they TREAT ILLNESS… if they helped us to be healthy they(and the drug companies) would lose so much money…

    just imagine what would happen to the economy if no one needed medicine (or doctors visits & surgery) for high cholesterol, high blood pressure & diabetes…


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