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    Come on, we all knew it was only a matter of time, right?

    Goal of suit against Atkins: Warning public

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    Ryan wrote:
    Come on, we all knew it was only a matter of time, right?


    absolutely, with approximately 800,000 lawyers in this country it was a matter of time! Now the time has come, let the litigation begin!!!

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    Here’s the logical conclusion I’ve reached: the money all funnels into lawyers’ pockets, when it all comes down to it. I picked the wrong occupation.

    Atkins will pass like the rest of the fad diets.

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    “Diets” are ridiculous. First of all, most people pay attention to the Almighty Scale and ignore their body composition completely. I have some friends who have been on Atkins for about 8 months now, give or take (I think there’s a lot more “take” than “give” there, but hey). I see them once every month or two because I’m away at school. They look no different to me, despite claiming to lose gobs of weight. I don’t think for a second that they’re lying about their losses, but their composition hasn’t appeared to change much.

    For me, I’m happy as can be when I see the scale go lower and lower (337 as of last weekend, yay!), but I’m not trying to lose “weight”. I want to keep as much muscle mass as I can while dropping as much fat as possible, so I check out my body fat percentage every month at the campus trainer’s office. Using calipers is a little tricky, but I started at 43% in March and am down to 34% as of two weeks ago. That means I lost about 49 pounds of fat and put on six pounds of muscle. I feel better, I look better, I can walk up a flight of stairs without passing out and I can put my shoes on and go out for 10 without blinking.

    Let’s say you’re 180, which is on the high end of average for a man. If you “diet” down to 160 without excercising but still lose your breath going to get the mail, what’s the point? Your body fat hasn’t changed much and your conditioning, muscular and cardio alike, damn sure hasn’t. In fact, even on Atkins, you probably lost some muscle mass. It makes less than zero sense.

    Take this from a fat guy; there is no pill, “diet” or support group that is going to make you look good naked, and it’s safe to say that there never will be in our lifetime. The key to getting your stuff together physically is all about putting the fork down and getting out of the house.

    Of course, this is the entirely wrong forum to take this stance in since a lot of people here run thousands of miles per year. 😯

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    Actually, how long has the Atkins diet been around? Isn’t it something like 30 years?!? The diet isn’t new, but the attitudes of lawyers clearly has changed over the years. I hope the claim fails. I am a litigation Solicitor in England, but I’m not in favour of silly claims…

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    People are just looking for an easy way out. They think that all they need to do is one thing like swallow a pill or eat only meat. The truth is that there is no miracle diet that is going to make people lose weight and keep it off safely. Also another misconception is that people who are overweight dont understand that they can be undernourished.

    The Atkins diet did come out in the 80’s but it failed because they saw how bogus it really is. It only works for about 3 months before your body adapts and it is extremely unhealthy. One day I was watching a half marathon and a chef was up there making his meal for post-workout that was Atkins diet aproved. He claimed it had protein to help rebuild your muscles and carbohydrates in the vegetables to help restore your energy. This being advertised to runners who should be eating about 70% carbs. I wanting to break my T.V.

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    I dunno where you got the 70% number for runners in Carbohydrates, but that’s patently false except for carb-loading pre-race, and even then you want something more like 50%. Runners need protein just like everyone else who doesn’t watch TV all day; the suggested mix is about 50/50 between high quality protein post-race and BCAAs (ideally, you’d be getting this during the race to replenish muscle glycogen).

    All Atkins amounts to is the pendulum swinging the other way. The FDA told you to base your diet on carbs in the early 90s; couple that with the proliferation of fast food chains and the consequent spike in diabetes and it’s pretty easy to see that someone was going to cash in by going the other way. Go with the FDA and don’t leave the house, Type II Diabetes. Go with Atkins and don’t leave the house, heart attack/total renal failure; take your pick. The simple answer is the old-fashioned one; eat less, work more. However, it also *looks* like the hardest so people will try to circumvent it as often as possible.

    It’s a pity that we can’t even muster enough willpower as a society to control what and how much we eat over the course of our lives.

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