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    -4 this morning, with a brisk West wind that made it seem like -20. But 10 miles were on the docket, and a visit to the treadmill at work was too time-consuming. So, I planned for 4 – 2.5 mile loops, with a pit stop option at 5 miles to change out of swety and frosty garments if necessary.

    1st loop took a while getting warm, then the inevitable sweat and freeze of the hands courtesy of my cotton gloves occurred. I ran these loops faster than planned (18:08 and 17:33), and quickly dove into my garage for the quick change. An exchange for a new shirt, windbreaker, hat and gloves was accomplished, and out I went again. I noticed that the wind was really whipping in the last two loops. It took forever for my hands to warm (switch to cotton/poly gloves with a pair of old socks over them), but once they got warm they stayed that way. Finished up a bit tired but steady (17:45 and 17:30) for a bit under 72 minutes. Faster than I’d planned, but at that temp, I wasn’t about to slow down. Tomorrow I’ll do a shorter and slower run.

    Two more days of nasty weather remain, according to the weatherman. Tomorrow requires a pre-dawn run, but Monday is a holiday for me, so a daytime run is a reasonable option. Hope the wind subsides. Staying on track…

    Stay warm everyone!

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    Nice job Peter. Saturday morning it was -10 w/ windchills around -25 here. I was planning a long run of at least 16 for the treadmill. During breakfast I was reading the letter from the editor of Triathlete magazine. He was talking about lack of modivation because it was a “chilly 56” in California. I proceeded to put the magazine down, get bundled up and head outside for 14 miles before running the last 6 on the ‘mill. It was great. With the lack of snow, I was able to run on my favorite trails. Of course, I didn’t see a soul during that time.

    If I need more motivation I just think of Double. No it doesn’t surprise me that this guy runs a 32 miler in the dead of a WI winter. But he does it BEFORE work. He’s like Will Farell – Old School.

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    Saturday was a wonderful morning, wasn’t it? I was up in beautiful Sheboygan, within spitting distance of the lake (in fact, I did spit onto the frozen over lake at least once), finishing up my early morning run in temps of -4 that felt like -40. It’s amazing what that lake will do to your perception of cold.

    The cool thing about Sheboygan is that it’s impossible to get a read on the wind because it comes out of a different direction every 30 seconds. I started out running south because the wind was out of the southwest. Less than a mile into the run, I looked in the direction of the power plant and noticed that the smoke coming out of the stacks was going in two different directions. That’s always a comforting thing to see. Next thing I know, I have a tailwind and I’m thinking I can’t keep running with this for 30 minutes and then turn around and freeze with the headwind for 30 minutes so I turn around and head into downtown Sheboygan. From that point on, I swear the wind was changing direction every couple of blocks. At one point, I would see a flag blowing in a strong southwest wind. Two blocks later, I would see smoke coming out of a chimney being blown by a strong northwest wind. Next block, more chimney smoke being carried off by a stiff northeast wind.

    All in all, a fun run, though. I did see a few people braving the elements but the priceless experiences of running in the bitter cold always involve those who are nice and cozy in their cars, homes, or local cafes. It’s like they think you’re voluntarily freezing yourself to death. They can’t seem to comprehend that a properly dressed person who is producing as much body heat as one does while running could actually be warm even in those temperatures.

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    It was 41 felt like 27 this morning. Definitely a tights and long sleeve morning for this cold weather wimp.

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    No comment needed if the temp is above single digits 😉 .

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    No comment needed if the temp is above single digits 😉 .

    I know I won’t find any sympathy among those living in the upper midwest, but it’s all relative. If you’re used to running with temps in the 60s or 70s, temps in the 30s feel damn cold.


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    I’m dreaming of temperatures that start with positive numbers 😛

    It is weird though. I counted 18 pieces of clothing that I wore on my run on Sunday. I almost felt like the guy in that commercial who is waiting to get his carry-on bag from his credid card rewards program. But I was warm though!

    Especially my hands. I figured out the secret, put on a pair of light cotton/poly gloves, and put an old pair of socks over it. When you get hot, take the socks off for a few minutes. Works like a charm!

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    Congratulations to everyone who gets out there running even when the temps get to the single digits or below!

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    Congrats on surviving the cold. At least your midwest weather warmed up before it hit Ontario.

    More like 5F here with consistant winds so you can plan to start

    the loop against the wind.

    I found the ventilation on the top of shoes can lead to cold toes so when the windchill gets below – double digits I put plastic sandwich wrap around the front of my socks to seal off the wind – feels weird but beats getting frostbite.


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