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    Is this a good marathon for testing fitness level? Is there good support, what is the terrain like, are there water tables etc… ? Also, it is 6 weeks from my spring marathon – is that good timing for adjusting my training?

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    6 weeks out, it’d be a great race to use as a trial run. Meaning, run it at marathon pace, practice drinking water and/or gatorade (or whatever is offered at Green Bay), taking gels, wearing same shoes, socks, etc. Anything you plan on doing at Green Bay could be practiced for this half marathon.

    As for tune-up races, try to find a 8-10k 4-6 weeks out from Green Bay. There’s gotta be something in your area.

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    Ed 1

    I’ll keep looking – thanks. Any ideas from you locals?

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    If you’re referring to the South Shore Half, it’s a good event if you don’t care about all the unnecessary extras that big races like to offer in hopes of attracting the masses. It’s an out and back along the south side, where there aren’t many hills. From what I remember, a lot of it was on paved bike trails, so you didn’t have to worry about being on the roads. Not many spectators or frills that you would expect at a big race but that allows them to keep the entry fee reasonable and who needs a band and an aid station at every mile if you’re racing?

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    I like to use a half marathon anywhere from 5-8 weeks out as a good gauge of my fitness level. What I mean by that is I run it all out, shooting for the fastest time I can get on that day. Any taper I would do that week would be very slight. I think this has helped me with get an honest assessment of what time might be possible for the upcoming marathon. Plus it’s a great workout, and the recovery from a half is pretty short. Also it is a long race so it simulates somewhat what you will have to deal with on marathon race day. Nothing but a race can help you practice ignoring that voice in your head which is pleading with your body to slow the pace or stop running alltogether.

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    to race with Derek Sanderson— The Mahovilch brothers

    pocket rocket Richard and Ken Dryden as the Closer.

    I was thinkin of running that race Mr. Ed — only if Double can hang with me — without any paint hanging from his pants:)

    Pack a lunch Double!

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    mainly on the bike trail, cool scenery

    people to run with

    entry fee is 5 bucks or so

    pretty accurate mile markers

    organized by runners

    out and back course, so you see a lot of people


    few spectators

    weather is a gamble, I’ve done it twice, one year it was 55, the other it was 30 and windy

    not a ton of water stops, but hey, its 5bucks to get in, you cant be picky

    out and back courses can be lame at times

    I like it. You can’t beat it for the entry fee.


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    Woody – I’m bring Bernie Parent the Chief and Terry Sawchuck with me so we might jog along w/ you guys. I hear Derek’s buying afterwards. He was always good for a few laughs.

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    Wow, posts from Double and Woody in the same day? Spring must be in the air. Next think you know Pski will show up.

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    bump down the spam

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